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Here is an observation that I have made (based on my own opinion):

For decades, it's been pretty obvious that Disney and Warner Brothers have been crossing blades with each other. However, their war is becoming more and more intense as they are duking it out against each other with their most powerful weapons...

Marvel and DC

You know the war is real! (image from
You know the war is real! (image from

That's right! It takes a superhero to save a movie distributor in the war for consumers. Everyone who understands the significance of Marvel and DC will know that they are fierce opponents of each other as it is. Also, Disney and Warner Brothers are two of the biggest movie distributors in Hollywood. Add the two conflicts together and you get... non-stop rumors and early teaser trailers. Between the two, it seems relatively even right? After all, they both have cartoon characters (Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny), they both have comic book companies (Marvel and DC, and also planned-out lists of superhero movies), and they both own TV channels (Disney has ABC and Disney Channel, while Warner Brothers has HBO, CW, and Cartoon Network). While Warner Brothers owns Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, there is still something that drastically tips the scale in favor of Disney:

Star Wars

The father of modern sci-fi (credit
The father of modern sci-fi (credit

In a galaxy far, far away, Mickey Mouse is sitting in top of a mountain of cash that we spent on merchandise from Star Wars. With the billions of dollars that Star Wars already makes, it's enough to say that the majority of people love Star Wars. If Disney owns Star Wars and we spend our money on Star Wars merchandise, then billions of our dollars are going to Disney. Not only does that figuratively slap Warner Brothers in the face, but also that makes everyone even more excited when a teaser trailer for Star Wars VII is released early. Because of Star Wars (and the overall success of Marvel movies), Warner Brothers isn't just starting to lose the fight... they're losing miserably!

Warner Brothers needs to come up with a plan of attack in the war against Disney. What weapons do they have? What could they use to tip the scale back to them? Perhaps it could be their much anticipated movie featuring a battle between Batman and Superman. After Zack Snyder had already promised to reveal the official teaser trailer this coming Monday, the teaser had leaked onto the Internet with millions of views. After taking it down, Warner Brothers must have thought, "The teaser for Star Wars VII just came out. We can battle that with the official BvS trailer!" Thus, Warner Brothers now has a chance in the war against Disney.

See the trailer for yourself (video posted by MOVIECLIPS Trailers)!

Anyways, this is just an idea that I believe to be true.


Do you agree? Was the BvS trailer a response to the Star Wars VII trailer?


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