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You're tagged!!

I am essentially making a change for the started by Kat by tagging more people today but this is for the better good, LOL. I also believe all of us want to read more of these so here goes!!

The for Sam!!

1. What is the last film you watch prior reading this and why do you watch it?

2. If you could be an anime character for a day, who would you be and what would you do in their world?

3. Is there a type of movie that you would never watch no matter how good or popular it is?

Who is this guy?

Sam is one of our lovely Moviepilot Community Manager!! He is a science fiction and animation aficionado!! Read this if you don't believe me and like many other Moviepilot staffs, he is very kind and will always give us a helping hand when we need help!! Thanks for everything, Sam!!

That's all for this post. This is just a short post as I've previously posted mine; if you want to read it, click here. We will wait for your answers!! :D


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