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Rosalyn Lim 林惠美

Dear Rose, you are also tagged!

Okay, I promise this is the last from me...for now. If I have tagged anyone you wanted to tag, sorry for that but come to think again, there are no rules for this game. So, I guess you can tag the same person who has been tagged before, it's just that whether he or she has the time to post it! <3

Here are the for Rose!!

1. What would your life be without Beauty and the Beast?

2. Who is your all-time favorite superhero/superheroine?

3. Which characters have you cosplayed before and what inspired you to?

Why I tag her?

I tag Rose because she is one of the first people I know on Moviepilot and she is really nice! Aside from having similar names, we also share similar interests; books and movies! We both loved Beauty and the Beast since the beginning but trust me, she is a bigger fan than I am for being able to come out with lots of awesome posts on it!! This link leads to her awesomeness!! <3


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