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Well,after decades of leaks looks like DC finally decided to put the first trailer of one of the most awaited DC universe movie.Not seen it?See it!

The trailer starts off with what sounds like Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.

Unfortunately,Luthor's voice isn't that striking or sharp and he sounds like a geek. (if that is Luthor's voice).Though he does say some stirring words that ultimately leads to people turning against him and Batman coming in the picture.The trailer also reveals a statue of Superman with the words "false god" written on it in blood.And when the statue is revealed people are saying "go home,go home...."

After this Bruce Wayne is seen staring at the Batman statue.

Then Batman is seen in a room with graffiti on the wall.It kinda looks like The Riddler's work.

Also Batman is also seen like this....

What's there about this picture?

A SNIPER???Doesn't make sense,right.Yup, I reckon there is enough Kryptonite in that 'gun' for Superman.

And yeah, Batman and Superman have that staredown contest like the one we have seen from the previous teasers from comic cons.

Batman says "Do you bleed?You will".

Also here his suit is more bulked up,like it's specifically designed to face Superman.(No sh*t)


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