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Arrow season three is nearly at an end with only four episodes to go, and star Stephen Amell proves that he is just as much a hero as his character with a special thank you video to fans and everyone involved. (Ok, maybe not "hero"... really great guy!)

He's often posting little video snippets and diaries to his incredibly active facebook page, and this one is simply adorable. It's phenomenal to see a star bringing attention to the people behind the scenes on the show, but most of all, he's just showing us how humbled and thrilled he is to have so many fans. (And don't miss his shout out to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki - who have started to make their own facebook vlogs and campaigns under his tutleage!)

Supernatural's Jared Padalecki
Supernatural's Jared Padalecki

Of course, this is far from the first time that Amell has done something awesome with the big blue social media site! So for three seasons of Arrow, let's look at the top three best ways that he's used Facebook to save this internet...

1. Charity T-Shirt Campaigns

Stephen Amell has now wrapped up two charity T-shirt campaigns, through One for F**k Cancer (featuring his pretty face with a post-it on the forehead, because why not?), followed by the "Sinceriously" campaign which benefited two charities: Stand for Silent and Paws and Stripes. With over 3.5 million fans on facebook alone, Amell's campaigns were record-breakers, and he shows no signs of stopping his charity roll.

On top of that, his t-shirts and videos have got other CW stars to launch their own represent campaigns. Co-star Paul Blackthorne just finished his first campaign, with t-shirts proclaiming "Poach Eggs Not Elephants", and the Supernatural guys have currently have one running, "Moose and Squirrel: Always Keep Fighting", which is for a range of different funds.

2. Giving One Fan The Happiest Birthday Ever

What did you do for your twelfth birthday? Honestly, I can't remember, which makes me assume that it was something involving some friends, a cake, and that's about it. Clearly, this is because Stephen Amell wasn't on facebook yet. (Ok, when I was 12, facebook didn't exist, but you know what I mean!)

This year, when a mom posted pictures of her daughter's Arrow-themed birthday invite to the star's facebook page, he went above and beyond to make sure she had the best day ever, by sending her a personal birthday video to watch at the party. I'm pretty sure he would have showed up himself if he wasn't busy filming!

3. Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Let's face it, Oliver Queen is one heck of a dude. Rich (at least, he used to be), he ticked all the billionaire boxes, including those most ultimately dude-like; fast cars and fast women. He's ridiculously badass, with abs you could grate cheese on, scars, tattoos, and that manly semi-scruff.

Who better to make a webseries about gong to wine country and enjoying lovely tastings in the sun? Who else could so perfectly show guys that it's still as manly as can be to be open, and kind, and talk about gratitude and positivity on a regular basis? Not to mention how incredible he is as a father, and how he is happy to include his gorgeous daughter in his posts. Every time I watch him doing something that challenges the idea of what "dudes" do, I want to stand up at my desk and applaud, and not least because he isn't doing it intentionally. This isn't a way to pander to feminists or try and garner female approval, it's just him being him.

Generally Raising The Bar, Every. Damn. Day.

It's not just the big things that make Amell such an incredible reason not to delete your facebook account. It's the little things that he does on almost a daily basis that really make him astonishing. Not only does he post regularly, but he actually reads and responds to comments, and he does so without ever sounding like he's got a PR firm controlling his mouth.

He cares about his colleagues, he is friends with just about everyone, and he is constantly posting sweet stories about fans, fan art, fan suggestions, and basically thanking the fans every single time he logs on.


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