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This time, the tag you've probably noticed doing the rounds is called , and it's an awesome way to get to know your favorite creators a little bit better... including me!

It's pretty simple, really. In case you haven't seen any of the others (in which case, you clearly need to spend more time on Moviepilot!), each creator answers the three questions put to them, and then tags another creator with some new ones. Simple, right? I was tagged by the lovely Rosalin Lim, and if you'd like to know some more about my love of Superheroes and Disney Princesses, read on (and thank her later!).

1. What would your life be without Beauty and the Beast?

Usually, if someone admits that a movie had a huge impact on their life, it's a little, well, deeper than Disney. However, anyone who knows me knows that Disney princesses shaped my personality, and none so much as Belle. As a six or seven year old, I routinely declined invitations to come out and play like a "normal" kid because I was too busy reading. I lost myself in fairy tales, fantasy, and dreams of far-off lands and great adventures. If ever there was a princess to relate to, for me, it would always be Belle.

Courtesy of my absolute adoration of the bookworm princess, books remained my number one love, and I never felt like I couldn't be girly or pretty with my nose stuck in a book. That love of reading translated to a love of writing, and that became my calling. Those times when life got a little hard, and I felt a little trapped, I would re-watch Beauty and the Beast, and it made the years in cubicle farms or less-than-inspiring places a lot easier to bear. Sometimes, it just reminds me to be a little kinder, a little less judgmental - and never to give up hope.

2. Who is your all-time favorite superhero/superheroine?

As a comic book fan, this is a common question, and oh my gosh is it HARD. There are so many amazing characters in comic book nerddom, and whenever I start to answer, my brain immediately pipes up to ask "but what about THIS ONE"? However, if I had to pick one and only one, it will always be Rogue.

Part of this is nostalgia - X-Men comics were the first that I started reading, and along with the 90s animated series, they are the team that I definitely feel shaped my mini-nerd-mind twenty years ago, and while I found Storm intimidating, Jean Grey a bit boring, and Jubilee just flat-out annoying, Rogue always seemed so cool!

Rogue is a character who was always some kind of relatable, and I think that's why she's never been knocked off my podium. As a kid, she was just cool. Sassy, and sexy, and Gambit was crazy about her and she could fly. As a snarly teen, I loved that she was constantly crossing the line between hero and villain, that she wasn't all good, and let's face it - her isolation and strong emotions from being literally untouchable resonate with every pissed-off punk kid, don't they? Now, I can still appreciate those things, but more than anything, I appreciate how she manages to stay (mostly) cheerful and sassy and on the side of good despite being saddled with such a painful gift.

3. Which characters have you cosplayed before and what inspired you?

Lady Yoruichi
Lady Yoruichi

Ah, a nice light question to round it out (sorry guys, got kinda deep there for the first two!). I'm still very much an amateur cosplayer, so I don't have a hundred costumes to list, but when it comes to what inspires me, the answer is simple. I dress up as the characters I want to be! The more that I get into cosplay, the more I start to appreciate costumes for their intricacy and difficulty, and newer outfits I'm working on are slowly becoming more inspired by whether they would be cool to make, not just if the character themselves is cool.

My first cosplay was something of a closet cosplay of Ariel - I wanted to do some Disney-ing for a big party, and as a bottle-redhead, it just made sense! My first convention cosplay was a much bigger deal, and unsurprisingly (given the last question) it was Rogue! It's still my favorite, and I consider it my first "real" cosplay. I've also done some couples cosplay - last year my other half and I went to a local con as Ichigo and Lady Yoruichi from Bleach, and I absolutely love working on cosplays together.

One day, I will be part of a Leia group cosplay!
One day, I will be part of a Leia group cosplay!

Lots more coming up - I'm re-working an old Princess Leia costume to make it a little fancier, putting together a blue dress for "peasant Belle", and like every other cosplayer, filling page after page of notebooks with ideas and sketches of things to come!

You can check out all kinds of other creator by just searching the tag, and even tag someone yourself!

My choice is (drum roll please): Christina Tenisha!
Let's learn a little more about Christina and her Fangirl Nonsense...

1. If you had to pick one absolute favorite fandom, which would it be and why?

2. What are your most and least favorite aspects of being part of a huge fandom (shipping, memes, online communities, fan fic, fan art, etc)?

3. Which character (out of any fandom) do you relate to the most, and why?


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