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I've been nominated to take part in a super cool trend that's taking Moviepilot by storm! Started by an awesome video by Maria Garcia, and then sparked and spread by MP's own Kat Bacon, the '' tag has got everyone getting to know everyone! Now, it's my turn to answer some questions, after being nominated by Rosalyn Lim! But first, I have to nominate someone. So I nominate my good friend a podcastmate, Jon "if I go missing you know who to suspect first" Negroni!

Now for those answers!

Question #1: If you are involved with a superhero movie, which role do you want to play?

Oh man, that's tough. I'm a huge fan of tons of different superheroes; Batman Spider-Man, Wolverine, it's so hard to choose! But I won't be choosing any of them. Even though I'm a morally good person (at least I hope I am..), I've always wanted to portray the villain! It's just so much more fun playing the troublemaker! For one thing, I don't have to follow the traditional rules of the hero, meaning I'm a wildcard and the audience has no idea what I'll do next. Maybe I'll purposely throw a kitten in a tree! MUAHAHAHA! Ahem...

But the role I REALLY want to play is Deadpool! He's like a hero with villainous qualities, such an intriguing character!

Question #2: What is your all-time favorite anime?


I'm a serious otaku (anime/manga fan), I've been watching anime since before it was cool! Like a hipster anime enthusiast! Is that an occupation? Because I will happily apply.

But seriously, I've seen so many anime that choosing just a favorite is tough. But since I have to choose one, I'm going with Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto Shippuden is one of the coolest anime out there! It's actually a sequel series to the original Naruto, but I favor this one more than the first because of how it expanded upon it! It took everything about the original, the characters, the settings and the plotlines, and basically expanded the universe of Naruto in such a cool way!

Look at it this way; Remember the huge change of tone that the Harry Potter series took after Goblet of Fire? It's like that!

Question #3: Finally, who is your biggest inspiration in acting and writing?

Ooh, that's a tough question. I don't really have one inspiration in either of those categories, I'm just inspired by those who are dedicated to what they do. Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, and James Franco are two of my biggest inspirations in acting. While some of my writing idols are James Gunn, Joss Whedon, and...oddly enough, Seth Rogen.


Odd choice I know, but Seth is a lot like me in a few ways. He too started off with ambitions and after tons of hard work, got his big break. I'm still working towards my big break, but I'm thinking I'm heading in the right direction.


Question #1: What is your favorite Pixar film?

Question #2: If you could, what mythical animal would you have as a pet?

Question #3: Who's your biggest inspiration?


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