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When the first Star Wars teaser trailer was released last December, fans jumped for joy as they saw footage of the newer characters we would be getting on the big screen. However, this newer trailer had a far more profound effect: it gave us diehard fans tears of joy. Watching Han and Chewie at the end reminded us how far we have come from a galaxy far far away.

Let’s experience that trailer again (shall we?)

“Chewie, we’re home.” Those were the words spoken by our favorite smuggler as we see Han and Chewie feeling a sense of comfort as they look around their pride and joy: The Millennium Falcon. It has been roughly a decade since we witnessed the last film in theaters: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. However for most, the original trilogies are the true Star Wars films and what perfectly defines an epic adventure; one that will last a lifetime.

This brand new trailer has given fans plenty of new footage with which we can dissect to the core. J.J. Abrams has not revealed barely anything for his fans and that’s the way it should be. He and his crew have done a tremendous job thus far keeping a close eye on what is released for the public to see and hear. This trailer has given us some amazing visuals and the tone felt like an original Star Wars film. I have watched this trailer plenty of times and can tell you every time I watch it, I keep getting goosebumps. Abrams could not have crafted a better trailer. So please join me in the force as we take a look at some of the big pieces that we learned straight from this trailer. Here are “5 Things We Learned From The New Star Wars Trailer.’

1. John Williams Is Back!

It did not take long to realize the soundtrack immediately at the very beginning. For those of you who are not good with soundtrack names, the first score we hear was named 'Binary Sunset' from the very first Star Wars film. This is personally my favorite Star Wars soundtrack of all time and always will be. The music set the tone right away and we all immediately new this was a Star Wars trailer. Even before we get a glimpse of the desert planet (not named Tatooine but rather Jakku) with the destroyed X-Wing Fighter and the collapsed Star Destroyer, the score made us feel like we were living in our own Star Wars universe. Without John William’s epic score, it just wouldn’t be a Star Wars film plain and simple. Williams has crafted works of art in the form of music throughout the years and will go down as one of the key pieces of bringing Star Wars to life.

Williams brilliantly changes the sound of the score ever so subtly around the 58 second mark of the trailer which brings this trailer to greatness. That little change made all the difference and I cannot wait to see what kind of music he’s created for this new universe Abrams has crafted. I am happy to have John Williams back on board and it’s as if he never even left.

2. The Original Sound Effects

Like Williams’s score, Star Wars would not be complete without bringing back its well known sound effects. From a lightsaber being ignited and swung around to a TIE Fighter’s laser cannons, Star Wars has had many memorable sound effects throughout the entire six film saga. And who could forget hearing the Millennium Falcon navigating through a decrepit Star Destroyer while being chased by a TIE Fighter? The answer is clearly simple; no one.

Even if you have only seen every Star Wars film once (is that even possible?), those sound effects stay directly in your mind. This is yet another reason to enjoy this trailer because those effects bring out the the inner fandom in us. They sound amazing thus far and will certainly play a big part as it has in every Star Wars film.

3. The Empire Will Have A New Logo AND Title

The Galactic Empire as we’ve come to know them was slowly being disassembled after the destruction of the Empire. However, thirty years later we now realize the Empire hasn’t really gone away. Today fans learned that there will be a new name to this threat titled: ‘The First Order.’

What is the meaning behind this title? Could it be that this “order” has been in hiding for many years and now has suddenly appeared to bring total control to the galaxy? The name does sound menacing as we don’t know what to expect from this new threat of clones. Also, if you look closely in the picture above, you will see a figure wearing what looks like a black robe in the center. Could it be the new villain in the film? Unfortunately as of now, we have no idea.

Another aspect of the picture is that red drape hanging in the background. What stands out about that drape is the black circle shape right in the center. It doesn’t look like the original Galactic Empire symbol, but the configuration is similar. While we don’t know the meaning of the emblem, we can be sure we will soon find out for ourselves.

4. Introducing The Chrome Troopers

We get an astonishing peek at one of the more modernized look of a classic stormtrooper. However, these troopers are not your average traditional trooper. They may in fact be a more tactical unit used to infiltrate their enemies using the best of the best. This unit looks like a force to be reckoned with. I for one would not want to find myself in a dark alley against one these superior fighting forces.

One of the big complaints that I have even with the original trilogy is the lack of accuracy these stormtroopers have had. They are shown training from birth in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones to become an elite force where they will strike fear into their adversaries. Unfortunately all we saw from the original trilogy was a stormtrooper knocking his head on a door (which was absolutely hilarious), Leia, Han, and Luke taking them down with just a few shots fired, and also the stormtroopers missing terribly while aiming right at their enemies. Aren’t these troops supposed to be trained to be the best of the best? Unfortunately all we saw was them being overrun by a bunch of teddy bears.

However I believe Abrams will take a different approach and prove that these stormtroopers are deadly. I’m not just talking about the Chrome Troopers but also the standard white CLASSIC stormtroopers. When the trailer shows them all about facing, I can’t help but think they have been trained properly to assassinate anyone who gets in their way. It is also interesting when you think about the planet where that scene takes place on. Look familiar? Could it possibly be the ice planet of Hoth? If so, how ironic would it be if after the Empire chased the Rebels away in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, they would then make that base a primary home? After all, Echo Base was a great hiding place for the Rebels to stay away from the Empire with a huge base as it was built right into the icy mountainous region. Anything at this point, could be a possibility.

5. Kylo Ren Could Become The Next Darth Vader

Is Kylo Ren Adam Driver?
Is Kylo Ren Adam Driver?

Now here me out on this one. There is no character and I mean no one who could top the likes of Vader as the best cinematic villain of all time. Vader’s mere presence was all that was needed to strike fear into his opponents. This one shot however of the new villain named Kylo Ren could not have been better. If we wanted a true introduction to the character, this shot was it. Yes, we did see him first in the original teaser but we only saw him from the rear. This new quick glance at the villain gives us a better perspective of him and he looks to be in full control of an army of clones.

[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) could start us off with a very formidable villain for this new Star Wars trilogy. No he’s not Darth Vader, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go down as a great villain. Until we know who Kylo Ren really is, we can only speculate. Could he be one of Han and Leia’s children? Or could he be a former Jedi who was trained by Luke and later turned over to the darkside? We will soon find out…

After viewing this second teaser trailer, I have been drawn right back into this universe where the force prevails. I may have grown up with the new trilogy, but there is no doubt in my mind the original three films completely triumph over them. Just think, when I heard Disney bought the rights to this franchise for $4.5 billion in 2012 I was enraged. How can you continue a beloved franchise that ended with Luke triumphing over evil and the Rebels celebrating victory? Luke also helped change his father back to the light side of the force. This completed a wonderful trilogy full of love, action, and hope.

But then, when it was announced that the new film will feature the core original characters, I was completely won over. The idea of having Han and Chewie together, Luke and Leia brought back AND both droids that have been in EVERY film since the very beginning, have changed my thoughts on this new universe Abrams has built. We are heading into a new age or rather an “awakening” of the Star Wars franchise. So grab your lightsaber, take control of an X-Wing, and prepare for battle as we say hello to some old friends. We are indeed “home” again.

So what parts of the trailer stood out to YOU? Please share your thoughts and comment below!

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