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J Dalton Mattox

The following post may have some minor spoilers for the movie. I was fortunate enough to witness the new Fast & Furious movie last weekend with a friend of mine and it was by far the best in the series. From Jason Statham's precise, deadly combat through armed guards and mercenaries, to jumping super cars through three skyscrapers, this film was "all that and a bag of chips". If you liked the last movie in terms of the added humor to the already action infused franchise then you will love Fast & Furious 7. More one liners, more hijinks, more Roman Pearce. The film continues upon Fast & Furious 6 AND Tokyo Drift, following your favorite characters as they continue their new lives. With Dom and Letty reunited as she tries to remember her past with him, Roman with his private jet, and Bryan struggling to be a suburban dad and good husband to Mia. It is an epic joyride of hilarity and action. As some of you know Vin Diesel has already announced the making of more Fast & Furious films, I personally think that this new movie is the perfect ending to the franchise, go see the movie and leave your comments below.


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