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Have you ever had a feeling of something sticking beneath your skin? Like coackroaches. The feeling of something whispering words in your ear that you just can't understand; words of death.

That's when horror becomes real, when something really strange it's happening to you; at that moment you can't do nothing but fear and feel an inner growl, claiming to go outside and destroy whatever it's about to manage your soul.

But frst, I have my own theory that it's all about self suggestion, for me, that's the real escence of horror. Why? Simple, because you know that what you just read, watch, or listen to, could actually happen to you, and im not talking about becoming C'thulhu because of some magic spell, im talking about real stuff, like walking through your home street and spot some stranger stalking you, im talking about that, because in the moment that you feel that someone is stalking you, you start thinking of the most tragical things that could happen, just simple as this examples:

What if he rapes me?

What if he eat's me alive?

Should I call the police? If so, will he do something to stop me, like kill that child at the other side of the street in revange of my call?

For me, in the time where your mind start's thinking of thing's that could make you bad, when your own mind threat's against your sanity and your life, that's when horror becomes real, that's when you start feeling coackroaches beneath your skin, when you start hearing those unknown whispers of death,because of auto suggestion.

Now, in movies we can se how a director guide's us to auto suggestion, and that's what i love most of filmaking, the mind of an artist getting you inside of it.

A fair example could be "The Exorcist", we are in constant contact with subliminal messages, which are part of the auto suggestion that I talk about, cause they are a tool that guide's us to it, because it make's it easier. Now, Why? Well, there are things that you or someone that you know might haven't see in a film, in this case, I had notice that must of the people haven't noticed "Captain Howdy" (The demon that posses "Regan Macneil", also kown as "Pazuzu") in the film, and it doesn't mean that they have a "bad eye" it means that they are more burnerable to subliminal messages, or maybe just noticed it many seconds later, cause it's part of the movies ilusion, 24 frames per second passing by, and if the director put's and image that passes by in less that 24 frames, well, it doesen't really help us help us to catch those messages.

Now, I leave you here an image of Captain Howdy, appearing in the film and in wich moment does he appears:

(You can also see him on her's face)
(You can also see him on her's face)

Now, your home work it's to catch the messages in the movie.

Before closing this post, I want to give other fact's of this amazing film:

1. The movie is based on a real exorcism

2. During the making of the film, Linda Blair was told that his grandfather died, and his body was found on the set.

3. Jack MacGowran Died after filming his character death scene.

4. Mary Ure, who played as Regan Macneil in theaters, was found dead and filled with vomit and blood, a day after the realese.

5. When Regan screams, it's actually the sound of dying pigs, apart of her scream.

Now that you know those fact's, you know that something real happened here, but the most real thing of it all, for me, was the fear that filled the crew mind with thought's of knowing that maybe that could happen to them, with fear of entering into a room and face Captain Howdy, that, for me, it's when horror becomes real; when you live it.


Do you agree with my thought's? Let me know why below with your comment.


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