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The online media company has launched a new feature for the episodes of the famous show series which has made it easier for blind people to enjoy the show as well

Netflix Inc has made an update on the episode of Daredevil by making an addition of feature which is meant to describe the things happening in the movie in detail. This audio description has been made for the purpose of people who are incapable or handicapped which makes them unable to see the scenes of the show series.

According to Netflix Inc latest news, this feature is especially targeting the people who are blind or have sight problems due to which they cannot see. But with the help of this description features, these people can now enjoy all the episode of the show with proper details about what is going on in the show.

After the show was aired on Netflix, many critics were seen complaining about how the media streaming company did not think twice about focusing the show on a blind man whose story could not even be enjoyed or seen by the blind people. These groups who had issues with the company were experts of iO9 and the members of Netflix Project and believed that it was rather absurd for them to be broadcasting something like that. Even though people who had no sight could hear the show with its dialogues, the details of each and every scene were still not clear to them.

In order to overcome this problem, Netflix thought of coming up with the idea of audio description which aims at providing guidance to the disabled people in watching the show in the best possible way. The new updated feature that has been introduced by the company can be operated in the easiest of ways. The people who wish to listen to the audio description of the scenes can just turn on the option in which the narration of the happenings of the scene will become available for them. These explanation and description of the scenes will become apparent only in the middle of the scenes so the viewers can enjoy the show scene by scene.

This act of Netflix has majorly helped the streaming company to put a positive effect on the advocates and organizations that support and work for human disabilities and have been appreciated by them as well. On the other hand, Robert Kingett, who is famous for founding the Accessible Netflix Project, has also showed his approval for the act that the firm has gone through.

The online streaming platform company is also working towards applying the same idea to many of its other shows that are shown on its online channel. This step by the company has been destined to reach the unfortunate and disabled of the society which has been acknowledged by many.


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