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Hi everyone. As you know, I'm relatively new to writing on Moviepilot, but I have been a huge fan of Arrow and The Flash since they began. I'm beginning a new weekly series that I'll be writing as well as my feature articles. I'll review Arrow and The Flash for this week, and give some predictions and thoughts on both. Going in the order they were broadcast, first up is The Flash. My reviews will be split into individual plots running through the episode e.g Villain Of The Week/ Reverse-Flash/ Captain Lance's Crusade etc.


Villain Of The Week - Bug Eyed Bandit

I thought that Brie Larvin was an interesting villain, however her character in the series was very different to her comics counterpart. The obvious difference is the change in gender, but beyond that was her style of crime. In the comics, Bu-Eyed Bandit is a bug-eyed bandit. Brie's computer skills were introduced to the character specifically for the show. She acted as more of a nemesis for Felicity than the A.T.O.M, as in the comics. Her puns were awful enough to make Felicity cringe, but she provided an interesting departure from our normal Flash villains.

Her storyline managed to fit quite nicely with the ongoing Harrison Wells plotline, and didn't feel forced. Whilst she wasn't much of a physically intimidating villain, her bees provided a really good chase scene with The A.T.O.M, and Felicity's line about having a nemesis made everything worth it. Whilst not one of the best villains of the season, this week's episode managed to provide an entertaining storyline in that area.

Season Arc - Harrison Wells/ Eobard Thawne/ Reverse-Flash

This episode didn't provide much in the way of new information about Wells. All we really got to contribute towards the overall arc of the season is the fact that Caitlin and Cisco have been told for sure that Dr Wells is the Reverse-Flash. We also got some Cisco flashbacks which were very interesting.

I think Cisco will be quite quick to accept that Dr Wells is the Reverse-Flash. He's been brought these suspicions before, and suspected this himself. His flashbacks also tell him that Dr Wells is the Reverse-Flash, and so I think he'll cope with this alright. Caitlin, on the other hand, won't be so fast to accept this idea. She is only just being introduced this theory, and I don't think she'll accept it's validity immediately.

Soap Opera Style - The Love Triangles

We got a fun group dinner scene that was so awkward it made me want to leave the room. I enjoyed seeing Felicity list the current events in Arrow, and to be fair, Barry's problems are cute compared to Oliver's. We also got closer to seeing Biris (Barry and Iris) happen, as she (possibly) broke up with Eddie.

Flashbacks - Cisco's Alternative Timeline

Cisco's flashbacks need an explanation, as they never happened. I'm really confused by this and hope that the writers don't just leave it hanging. It could be possible that the timelines are converging (COIE, to all my comics buddies).

Arrow Plot Point Alert - The A.T.O.M Suit

We know from Arrow that Ray's suit isn't running completely smoothly, and hopefully that was fixed in this episode. We got to see it in action, and there weren't any problems with it (until it became waterlogged). But the main A.T.O.M plot that we saw was the beginning of a bromance to rival Marvel's Science Bros: Cisco and Ray. Please tell me in the comments what you think they should be called collectively. I'm not as good with names as they are. Anyway, I ship them. But I also ship Barry and Felicity, so what do I know?


Villain Of The Week - Deathbolt

Yes! I was waiting for this for a long time. A meta-human villain on Arrow! The CGI was almost as good as [The Flash](series:1068303), the storyline was interesting, the fight scenes were epic, and this tied in to the rest of the episode, and the theme of letting others help you.

After his upgrades on The Flash, Ray's suit was functioning at optimum levels. His weapons were perfectly realised, and his foe was a true match. Brandon Routh's performance was excellent. I loved Deathbolt and thought he was an outstanding villain. I can't wait to see him in episode 22 of The Flash. It looks like I was correct when I said that the episode, entitled Rogue Air, would feature a meta-human breakout, organised by Wells, some are theorising, and the villains joining Captain Cold's rogues.

Season Arc - Ra's Al Ghul

Like The Flash, we didn't get too much on this arc in the episode, apart from that SHOCKING final scene. Thea Queen was murdered by Ra's. Don't be too worried about that, though. The trailer for the next episode shows Thea being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. My guess is that Ra's will tell Oliver that he can revive Thea if he becomes Ra's Al Ghul, and he will accept that offer.

Secondary Arc - Captain Lance's Crusade

We saw a lot of development in this area. Captain Lance is determined to bring down Oliver. The Arrow-cave is compromised, as are all of Oliver and Roy's suits. Only Laurel and Ray can protect Starling City now. One of Lance's colleagues told him that he had to stop pursuing Oliver. The District Attorney won't prosecute him, yet Lance is determined to find some evidence pointing towards Oliver being the Arrow. I predict that this will conclude if Oliver brings a resurrected Sara back to Lance, as her death is one of the main reasons why he wants to bring down Oliver anyway.

Soap Opera Style - The Love Dodecahedrons (Because This Is So Much More Complicated Than Biris/ Edris)

Not much going on in this area this week. Roy and Thea have an uncertain future, and Ray is getting suspicious about Olicity. That's about it.

Flashbacks - Hong Kong

I really haven't enjoyed the flashbacks for Arrow this season. I can't wait until he gets onto the island again. And we still haven't seen him learn to fly that helicopter from the Season 2 finale. This episode was slightly more interesting in terms of flashbacks. The Alpha/Omega plot actually developed, and we got a medium-sized revelation about Waller not being behind the soldiers pursuing Oliver for no apparent reason. And of course, we got the cheesy repeated line that Tatsu and Felicity both said.

Flash Plot Point Alert - Meta-Humans Outside Central City?

And we got another glimpse at our new, still untitled bromance. But then a shocking revelation came - despite living in Central City, Deathbolt wasn't there when the particle accelerator exploded. Could he have been affected by residual energy? Was there another, similar incident? Could the effects have spread across the globe, meta-humans getting rarer but not impossible far away from Central City? Or are his powers from something completely different? I want to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

Goodbye For Now - Roy Harper/ Arsenal

We saw yet another main cast member leave the show in what was a very well-handled goodbye. The prison fight scene with Roy had me on the edge of my seat, Oliver's reactions to Roy's imprisonment fit with his character, and the almost-death was terrifying. I loved seeing all of the sidekicks of Team Arrow work together on a plot to keep them all out of prison. But I am confused about the possible end of the Arrow. If he returns, which he must do, then the media will be back onto Oliver. The only way out is for Oliver to change his costume. Anyway, no matter how well Roy's final scene was handled, it's still sad to see him go.

Doctor Who Poll Results

I was going to have this in a separate article, but only two people voted in the poll, and so I am including the results here. There are ten episodes which received no votes, and the two episodes in joint first place are: Listen and Time Heist.

That's all, folks! Let me know in the comments what you want my next feature article to be about. I am open to writing about non-Flarrow things like Gotham, Age Of Ultron, [Doctor Who](series:200668) and more! Don't forget to check out all of my articles by clicking my name at the top of the page, and follow my account if you like what you read and want to be kept up to date with my work. Bye!

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How would you rate this week's episode of Arrow out of 10?


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