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This trilogy is the best trilogy ever. The best thing to ever come from cinema itself. I promise you, that is a fact. Everybody knows these movies. Everybody loves them. But not everybody is aware of these gems!

1. True Fellowship

Orlando Bloom with Nine Tattoo
Orlando Bloom with Nine Tattoo

It's now fairly common knowledge to every Lord of the Rings fan and most film buffs, but it had to make the list. The cast of the Fellowship, (all excluding John Rhys Davis, who plays Gimli) had the Tengwar (Elvish) word for Nine tattooed on them, as a tribute to the roles they played. Although only 8 of the original 9 members of the Fellowship got the tattoo, it was justified by the stuntman for Gimli, who also got the tattoo.

2. Aragorn's Tribute (The Gauntlets)


A lesser known Easter Egg in the trilogy is that ever since Boromir's death towards the end of the Fellowship of the Ring, Aragorn wore his Gauntlets as a sign of respect to his fallen friend. Although slightly corrupt by the ring, Boromir delivers a moving speech to fellow man Aragorn during his last moments, after protecting the Hobbits. He totally did redeem himself.

3. Peter's Cameos

Again, not as rare, but always a treat for fans. Peter Jackson, the god-like director of the masterpiece movies, made a cameo in all 3 films, and then again in all 3 of the Hobbit films! Amusingly, Jackson's signature cameo move is to eat carrot, a trick which he did both in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

4. One does not simply...

Doesn't need explaining
Doesn't need explaining

The infamous line and one of the most icon memes of modern day is actually apart of a monolog actor Sean Bean preformed in the council scene in Fellowship. Not only is the picture used in the meme is wrong, (Bean is talking about the 'Great Eye', not delivering the line 'One does not simply...') but the speech was given to Bean to learn overnight! And he made a meme of it! Again, redeeming himself!

5. The Eagles

What every fan hates... 'Why didn't they just take the Eagles...' SHUT UP. This isn't really a bit of movie knowledge, more franchise knowledge... More me just wanting to finally explain to people why we can't always take the goddamn Eagles. First, they aren't taxis! The eagles are their own race with own ideals and little care for other puny humanoid races. They only helped Gandalf because they owed him one. Or three. Also, did you forget the Nazgul!? Granted, the Eagles could perhaps beat them, but its 50/50 who would win in an Eagle/Nazgul showdown. Also the Eagles are at a disadvantage with Hobbits crawling all up in them.

6. Royal Family

Two of the most beautiful women in Middle Earth... Actually, two of the only women in Middle Earth... Are related! Yes, Arwen is the Granddaughter of Galadriel. Now doesn't that explain a lot!

7. Superfan

In October, 2001, the first ever member of the Official Lord of the Rings fan club was... Elijah Wood. The very Elijah who plays Frodo in the trilogy. Now if that isn't dedication, I don't know what is. Coupled with the Tattoo!

8. One does not simply fly into Mordor

Literally. Sean Bean, who played Boromir, refused to take the Helicopter around New Zealand for filming. He was too scared of flying to do so. Much to the amusement of the other cast members, Bean was seen scaling cliffs and braving the snow all in his Gondorian costume.

9. Hardcore Acting

During Two Towers, Peter tries to trick us into thinking the beloved Hobbits Merry and Pippin are dead. It didn't work. However, what was all very real was the ferocious yell Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) let out as he kicked the orc helmet. Remember the scene? Well, Aragorn's scream wasn't out of grief. It was more pain. Pain from breaking his big toe from kicking the helmet. Alas, he bared the pain and continued the scene with no interruption.

10. Jed Brophy

Jed is noted for his role of Nori in the Hobbit. However, are you aware that he played an elf and an orc in Lord of the Rings? Jed made it as an extra a good few times in the big movies, and now look at him! In the company himself!


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