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Marvel are killing it right now. Currently, they have some of the biggest and most successful films to ever hit the big screen. They show no sign of slowing either, with the next installment of their massive 'Avengers' series, 'Age of Ultron', about to smash onto our screens later this moth. The universe is set to further expand with the introduction of new beloved comic book characters such as Ant-Man, Black Panther and Dr. Strange to name but a mere few.

So who's next?

Legendary film director George Lucas has touted who he believes will be the next star in line for a big-screen reboot... and it's not who you think.

Speaking at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, Lucas informed the crowd that his original 1986 film 'Howard the Duck' should be what Marvel next set their sights on.

Post-Credit scene Howard the Duck
Post-Credit scene Howard the Duck

During Friday's Tribeca Film Festival discussion, moderated by Stephen Colbert, the director outlined how he felt the movie would work, even with it originally being panned by critics upon release. He noted that even the worse reviewed films can:

float up to the surface of the lake, and then they become cult classics. … It means you made an interesting movie or a weird movie, and a small group of people love it.
Even Howard the Duck is a cult classic, I have a feeling that Marvel's gonna redo it because of the technology they have today.

This may not be as far fetched as you think...

The resurgence of the character is largely due to the Easter egg post credit scene in the Marvel blockbuster 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Director James Gunns decision seemingly paid off, as the halo effect of Guardians even landed the aquatic hero a brand new Marvel comic series.

George Lucas does make a good point in terms of the cult status. Films can be successful even if torn apart by critics, and if Marvel give it the stamp of approval with their new found cinematic respect surely fans will give the film a chance. Lucas also noted that with current technology the movie stands an even better chance of being made. Speaking in 2014 about the Guardians post-credit scene, Lucas stated 'It's a digital duck. When you have a digital duck, you can do anything. You can make it act.'

Who knows... We could be seeing a reboot after all!


Would you like to see a Howard the Duck reboot?

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