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So recently, I watched a Netflix original series named "Marvel's Daredevil". It is one of the four collaborations Marvel is going to do with Netflix. The series stars British actor Charlie Cox as Matthew Murdock or the masked vigilante Daredevil, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Paige and Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson.

From the moment Ull begin watching this serial, you will realise, this is not your average Marvel serial (like AGENTS of SHIELD). This is something different, out of this world conceptualization from Marvel and Netflix. The show begins with giving us a glimpse of the masked vigilante saving some children from getting trafficked. Then we see Foggy and Matt opening a "Nelson and Murdoch" law firm together. It is then that we see that Matt has been blind ever since he was Nine, and has grown special powers of using his other senses to their full potential via training. He can anticipate someone else's move or tell if they are telling the truth by listening to their heartbeat. Soon, they save a framed murder suspect Karen and after they bail her out, she offers to work for them.

Matt and group live in Hell's Kitchen, a darker side of the New York City, which is controlled by an wealthy and anonymous businessman named Wilson Fisk, who has his men in every department in the city. He along with the Russian, Chinese, Japenese mob and a man named Leland, control the proceedings of the entire city. Matt finds out from Karen a company named Union Allied, which she worked for, has been embezzling money and moving huge amounts of cash. This resulted in the company murdering one of her colleagues and framing her for it. On further investigation he finds out about Wilson Fisk, and at night, he goes out as the masked man to fight the mobs and beat the shit out of anyone related to Fisk to get information about him. Matt considers it his duty to save "his" city, which is also the ideology of Fisk. Fisk believes he has to kill the city first and then rebuild it in pursuit of saving the city. How both of there concepts of "saving their city" clashes is how the first series of the show is based on. Matt meets Claire, a nurse who helps him out in several situations, when he gets severely injured.

Karen meets Ben Urich, a crime reporter for New York Bulletin, who also suspects foul play at the Union Allied end and decides to investigate. Both Karen and Ben investigate together about Union Allied and Fisk. The show also introduces us to a character named Stick, who is said to be Murdoch's mentor and another mysterious character who he works for, but they only appear in one episode and Im sure will play a part in the next season.

Matt is a blind lawyer by day who follows the Law and a masked vigilante (who gets named Daredevil by the citizens of Hells Kitchen) who takes the laws in his own hands and fights a psychological battle in his mind dealing with that concept. What amazes me in this series is how the story is told. In every episode we find out a bit about Matt's childhood and what led him to being what he is in present. Then in the later episodes, we are told about Wilson's childhood and what made him to become the ruthless person which he was. The scriptwriting is fascinating, possibly right up to the best and Scriptwriter Steven S DeKnight and show creator Drew Goddard has done a fantastic job in that aspect. The show has different directors for every episode and all of them have done a fascinating job. From all the movies that Ive seen of Marvel, the comic aspect is their trademark, be it Avengers or Iron Man. But for this series, they followed a DC Comics Model and went with a darker nature of a serial and what a beauty they produced. The clash of concepts between the protagonist and the antagonist was so vivid and yet subtle at times, it would really get you spellbound.
At the end you of course end up rooting for the guy who single handedly takes down tens of people, without even being able to see them.

Marvel and Disney have announced that they would provide Netflix with live action series centered around Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage, leading up to a miniseries based on the Defenders. This format was chosen due to the success of Marvel's The Avengers, for which the characters of Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Thor were all introduced separately before being teamed up in that film.

I can't possibly wait for the other three series's as well , which if made like the Daredevil would be success all over. But Im still drooling over Daredevil and how brilliantly awesome Charlie Cox was. If you are a comic book fan, and seem to love action, emotions, darkness and crime, watching Daredevil should be your first priority in the coming days.

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