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(I feel like I'm gonna get alot of hate)

Hello Coraline here to ask some of you female fan to shut-up. now before you say anything, I am a girl and I like The Avengers, Hot Wheels, Videos games, Action Movies, Action Figures & RC cars, so girls can play with boy's toys, and it's rare that girls will actually play with that stuff, so all you female fans complaining about no Heroines, here is a nice post to make you all guys (I mean girls, sorry) be quiet.

Destiny Wallpaper

Bungie's Destiny - 2014
Bungie's Destiny - 2014

This is Destiny a poplar first person shooting game.

Q. What do you see in this picture ?

Well anybody that plays would answer, "It is the three classes, Hunter, Warlock, Titan."

well what some people would say that have never even touch the game is there is not a female character, even though they allow the choose of a female character there is not one in this picture, "OMG that's is so not right, it's discrimination, girls never get anything." well news flash

Barbies Life in the Dreamhouse

Now if you really wanna get into some discrimination lets start with Barbie, Mattel targets girls, and we all know barbie is meant for girl, and still some little boys play with them, now what if people start saying that there is not enough boy characters, and it's unfair that they don't put more stuff out to attract more boy fans

Q. Do you know why they don't. ?

A. because they'd lose money that way, since most boys 5-15 play with Action Figures, rather then making Barbie and Ken plan a wedding, and most girls 5-16 play with Barbies, making her shop, and get her hair done, rather than making Scarlett Johansson take down Loki and save New York City.

As a young female fan, I'd rather see men then the woman, and I know most girls want to look up at them. A nice strong Heroine, but why in the world do you need to save somebody in a swim suit bottom, or the tightest leather outfit ever, The Heroines are more targeted at guys then you think. the young crowd 6-14 gets all the Heroes and then the crowd 15-24 get the Heroines. Now think about it for a minute no matter how many girl characters they add they are never for you, because for some reason a girl can't fight in a baggy shirt and some shorts.

But guess what......

And I don't care, have one girl, I don't give a Duck's feather, what I do get tired of is hearing and reading, that they is not enough girl characters, how they leave us out, they don't, because it is not for you in the first place and guess what, a girl can go play with it. The movie agenda, is you want to watch a movie about cars rather then princesses be my guest be once you start saying "Their not enough girls, or or pink things" you clearly didn't wanna watch that movie did you, you wanted the same movie that you were already watching, with a little difference or you would have left it alone. Like Lego, why couldn't they girls play with them, I play with them its a unisex toy but we needed our own, but sometime when you do that, it is so divide and separate, this is your thing, this is her thing . But when you asking to add a girl into EVER thing you watch seems a little high fetched.


Anybody side with me on this ?


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