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I know that all of you are currently watching the amazing new season of[Bates Motel](series:753920). Visually engaging, and a compelling script, who wants this show to end? The answer is no one.

With episode 7 about to air, I thought that I would go through the previous episode, "Norma Louise" and explain where the show might go from here. But more importantly, how significant some events that happened in this episode are to the future episodes.


Norma has left the house after being told by Dylan, that Caleb has been living with him. This causes irregularity, and drives Norman insane. The whole time Norma's gone, the only thing Norman is focused on is where is his mother. After each episode, we have a better understanding of Norman's character, and what he will become. These scenes with Norman; as seen above, really brings out the Norman Bates that we know. Norman is lost without his mother. We know that Norma and Dylan have become close, which has upset Norman. But these scenes show how close Norman, and Norma are.

We get to see the "new" Norma. After her freak out, Norma goes to reinvent herself; new clothes, new car, and most importantly new name. This is the kind of freak out that a teenager would have, showing what Norma is trying to be. Not necessarily a teenager, but she wants to act younger than she is. Norma goes to see what it's like not being in her life for a night. She destroys her phone, and meets a random guy at the bar. We see Norma's character evolve, trying to not be around Norman. This really brings out who she is, and what she really wants.

Psycho anyone? This is very similar to the scene in Psycho when Marion trades in her car. This is a good easter egg to consider, along with the almost comparable music to the original film.

Here's the scene from the original film.

Norman expects to see Norma. We see the camera angle that we would normally see when Norman is sitting in her rocking chair in Norman's room. The only problem, it's Emma not Norma. But we don't know this until the shot of Emma's profile. This is to tease the audience; is this reality, or are we in Norman's head. Even though Emma is in the scene, you barely notice her. That is due to the fact that Norman is most important character in the scene, who desperately needs his mother. We see that Norman's character is really progressing and transforming.

We get the first flash back of Norma, and Caleb. Even though Kenny Johnson has put up a great performance the past couple episodes, it's still hard to feel for him considering what he has done to Norma. After this episode, including this flash back, our feelings begin to change. By the end of the episode Caleb is crying to Norma and on his knees begging for forgiveness. This gives us a completely different view of Caleb's character. We start to feel bad for him now; we also begin to wonder if Norma is even telling the truth about him.The point of the flash back is to show the real closeness of the two siblings. Based on what we saw, Caleb doesn't seem like to bad of a kid.

Sheriff Romero kicks ass. We see Marcus blatantly threaten Romero in the hospital. Quickly after, Romero leaves the hospital and shoots Marcus. This was unexpected and brilliant. The execution of the scene brings out Romero's character and shows us that no one should mess with him, even in the hospital. He will most likely head Norma's way to give her the information and the retrieve the drive.

We begin to get in the mind of Norman. As he does is taxidermy, Norman imagines the bird to be alive, and Juno runs down the stairs and barks. We know Norman's messed up in the head and this scene really shows it. It seems like he finds this normal, and as the bird is alive he remains with a blank stare. He examines the dead bird as if he is admiring his work. As we get more into the mind of Norman, we see things that make him the Norman that we know.

Emma and Dylan are connecting. There is the unique sexual tension between the two. Ever since Emma brought the weed to the cabin, there has been unusual chemistry. The comic relief in the episode comes when Emma has Dylan clear her mucus by pounding on her chest. The reason this is put in, is to show that not everyone in this show is insane. There is some normality within the characters.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for; the best part in the episode. "Norma" is making break feast for Dylan. This is the first time we see Norman wearing Norma's clothes (apart from the teaser). I just want to say the Freddie Highmore's persona of Vera Farmiga is spot on. The way he talks, the way he moves is just like mimicking Vera's character. This scene gave me chills, knowing that we are that much closer to seeing Psycho Norman. Another thing I love about this scene is how freaked Dylan looks. He doesn't know what to do at this point; he is aware of Norman's black outs, and Norman has tried to kill him. Dylan figures there's nothing else he can do so he just goes with it.

This episode is a huge turning point for every character. Dylan and Emma and understanding more about Norman, Norma and Caleb have reconnected, Norman is becoming Norma, and Sheriff Romero has almost lost it. I can't wait to see what happens in the last four episodes.


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