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A lot of people have been commenting on my last post etc for an update on The Mortal Instruments, you guys understandably want to know what's happening, when it's happening, how it's happening, and the internet seems to only have bits and pieces of info for you guys.

So, this post is going to serve as your one stop-shop for ALL things Mortal Instruments, letting you know everything that's been released/confirmed, and what hasn't. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: We have casting information for the ABC Family Television series!! Find out who's playing Jace HERE.

The Film

Making its debut in August 2013, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, was supposed to be the first of many films in the series, adapted from the best-selling novels written by Cassandra Clare, the film didn't do as well as hoped.

Because of this, a sequel - City of Ashes - was officially put on HOLD, with rumours circulating that the sequel was going through re-writes, cast changes etc.

Early this year, it was confirmed, that a sequel to the 2013 movie is a NO, and that instead, the characters we know and love from the books, would make their small screen debut on a Television Series.

Tentatively named "Shadowhunters", the series will premiere on ABC Family in early 2016.

The Cast

Love them or hate them?
Love them or hate them?

Whether you loved or hated the cast of the first movie, one thing's for sure - They will NOT be coming back for the television series. I repeat, the original cast, will NOT be reprising their roles as Shadowhunters. Whilst Robert Sheehan is a fan favourite to come back, there has been no official confirmation on this, and as casting is underway, it's unlikely that fans will see him return.

McG, Executive Producer for the ABC Family show, has been practically live-updating the fans via Twitter during this entire process. He appears to be as dedicated to getting this right, as the fans are to seeing it done right, and is sticking with us (the fans) every step of the way.

Casting has been underway for some time now, with McG tweeting that he may have found an actress for Isabelle who is "simply too sexy" - a description that fits inline with the character who is described as "gorgeous" despite her scars, in the book.

One thing worthy of note, is that he's not taking this casting lightly. It very much seems as though they are actively scouring the country to find the absolute best of the best for this upcoming TV series, in the hope that it can revive the franchise, and bring the Shadowhunters to screen the way they were always supposed to.

The Script

If you were in any capacity worried about the script for the upcoming show, fear not! McG has us covered. "Ramping" it up, so we get the best possible version on our screens come early 2016!

Shadowhunters - The look and feel of the show.

The show may be just under a year away from its premiere, but rest assured that a lot of hard work is going into the look and feel of the show. Assembling the cast? Easy enough. Getting the look right? For TV? That's a much bigger job. But once again, Executive Producer McG, is searching far and wide to make the world that we know and love from the books, come to life on-screen.

There's also already been talk of costuming, as the Executive Producer tweeted out a picture of some possible designs.


The world of the The Mortal Instruments will definitely be returning to our screens, and although it's on a smaller scale to a big-budget movie, it allows the team behind the show to delve deep into the world that author Clare has so artfully created. McG says that he is taking it...

"...very seriously, and I’m doing a great deal of listening."

Which is evident if you follow him on Twitter, as he is - as I mentioned - keeping fans updated, every step of the way.

"We’re absolutely passionate about honouring the fans and delivering on the promise of the book series...We’re just trying to bring the cinematic experience to the television form one hour at a time.”

(said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly)

So, it seems like we have some good solid news TMI fans - and whilst the wait to 2016 is going to be AGONY, at least we know that TMI and our beloved Shadowhunters haven't been lost to us forever.

If you're not already doing it, PLEASE follow McG on Twitter - he is THE best source for all updated news, and if up-to-date is what you want to be, he's he guy to follow!

You can also follow my profile on here, where I will keep you all updated as I have been doing for a while now!

If you haven't already, go ahead to the Official Shadowhunters Facebook Page and give it a like (I just did!!), to make sure you're the first of the first to get any info.

You can check out McG's interview with Entertainment Weekly here.

And check out this article on MTV here, to get a little more info on that 2016 release, and the title of Episode 1!


How excited are you to see the Shadowhunters back on screen?


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