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Some fans have said that [The Last of Us](movie:1190382) might be better suited as a one-off game that doesn't get a follow-up. Druckmann seemed to agree, while also saying Naughty Dog has already thought about some ideas for a sequel.

"We totally get it, because we have those same feelings as well," Druckmann said about The Last of Us being a one-off game. "We have brainstormed sequel ideas for The Last of Us, and we've brainstormed ideas for new games, but all of that is put on ice right now while we work on Uncharted 4."

Druckmann and Straley were also asked if they could ever see a sequel to The Last of Us being made without them. Druckmann couldn't bring himself to answer the question. Straley stepped in for him and said, "I will answer for [Druckmann.] He would not be OK with that."

In late December, " The Last of Us 2" was spotted on a former Naughty Dog developer's resume. Before that, Druckmann said The Last of Us 2 was a 50/50 shot. But it has now been confirmed for July 2017, as the original game sold more than 6 million copies. Notably, that number doesn't include sales of The Last of Us Remastered, the new version of the game released for PlayStation 4.

So do you want TLOU 2 to hurry up and get here, or do you not mind the delay? Tell me in the comments. :) Bye.


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