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With the release date for the Sci-Fi event of the decade quickly approaching, many Star Wars fans are split by several production decisions that have been made. Many of those decisions have been to appease newcomers to SW fandom, many to satisfy the older generations. But what should the true, comic-con-wearing, action-figure-collecting, Han-Solo-Trilogy loving, Rebel-red bleeding fan expect from the upcoming film?

Let's start at the foundation of production. The Force Awakens will be produced by Disney, a double-sided coin of a company which not only wants to appeal to a younger generation, but is also behind some of Hollywoods most epic of masterpieces. Second, the film was handed to JJ Abrams who is, in my humble opinion, the modern day Spielberg. While some may disagree, the resurrection of Star Trek was a true success along with the rift in the time ribbon theory, allowing for any and all modifications to take place in the ST universe. JJ writes and directs good movies and all can agree a better fit for the production of the film than that movie-mutilating Michael Bay.

Moving to the creative department...

It's a well-known fact that George Lucas will have little creative input in the upcoming trilogy but his path of destruction extends further than his green room prequels, Greedo shooting first, and JarJar aka. "the most hated character of all time":

One of the most fortuitous and worst decisions George Lucas could have ever made, was to give free reign of the Star Wars universe to a handful of authors to do with what they would with his Mona Lisa. I mark myself as an avid reader and lover of the genre, but because of this, the die-hard SW fan expects to have their whole Wookiepedia database altered to fit what is sure to be an amazing adventure that we are soon to behold.

The true questions fans everywhere await with baited breath are: How will George Lucas' free reign in the SW universe affect the current production? How much of a role will the old cast play in Episode VII? Will we see Chewy die saving the life of Anakin on Sernpidal? Will I finally see the materialization of my 8-bit crush, Mara Jade? How far will Abrams go? many questions...

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