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Hey everyone, it's me John Darius, with a new article. I know I haven't been posting anything for a while, but I've been busy with school, and I still am, but I wanted to make an article based on the new official Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer! I also wanted to point out certain things I think might happen in the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film. I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope you all loved the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer as well! So, let's gets started!

First thing I want to talk about is, the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer itself.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer:

Here's the link to the trailer if you wanna watch it: Click Here!

I love the trailer from start to finish. I thought the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer did it's job greatly on so many levels! I loved the music that was getting more and more epic when Ben Affleck showed up on screen as bruce wayne, and when the screen started to close up into the Batman suit. I also like how the trailer showed enough, to get fans excited for the upcoming film. I personally think that the second trailer that will show up online in the future will give everyone an idea on what is the story for the new upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film. It has also been confirmed that the people who got tickets to see the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer in IMAX Theaters will see extra footage. I'm not going unfortunately, but I hope the trailer showing in IMAX Theaters shows Wonder Woman, and even Lex Luthor himself! I There is so much about this trailer that I loved. Now I am going to comment, my thoughts on what I think might happen in the film when it's released.

The type of Batman that might be shown in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice:

When I was watching the trailer I loved seeing Ben Affleck appear on screen, and the Batmobile, and I also think I saw the Batwing as well shooting at men. Now, I don't know how dark this film will be, but from what I saw in the trailer, if that was the Batwing shooting at men, I think the Batman that will be shown in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, might be a Batman that possibly kills people. I know that may sound a bit crazy to some DC fans, but I remember hearing from other people that Warner Brothers wants to make a realistic DC Cinematic Universe, and if the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film is going to be realistic, then Batman killing people almost makes sense, because realistically I think if Batman was in our real life world fighting crime, he possibly might kill people. I'm not making a comment that Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman will kill people in the film, I'm just making a comment that if his Batman does possibly kill people, I think it might make sense a little bit to me. Personally, although Batman killing people in crime might make sense to me on some level based on my theory, I would prefer if Batman didn't kill people, because I just think that might be a little too dark for me as a fan. Regardless of what happens though, I'm sure I will love Ben Affleck's version of Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The next thing I wanted to talk about was Henry Cavill's Superman:

After watching a few videos on youtube that had to do with people's thoughts on the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer, I came up with a theory as to how Henry Cavill's Superman maybe looked at by the people in the DC Cinematic Universe. I think that based on what happened in Man Of Steel, some people have become afraid of Superman, and I also think that Superman revealing himself to the world, has caused more danger for people on earth. Based on the picture I posted above, someone in a video I watched I think pointed out that Superman could have possibly caught a nuclear bomb. Now, that had me thinking what if because Superman has revealed himself to the world, and lives in America, his presence could have caused a scare among countries outside of the U.S. which in turn could have possibly caused a new World War? I make this comment, because since Superman lives in America, other people who don't live in America, might look at not only Superman as a threat, but the entire United States as well. Also, Superman would be even more troubled because he might encounter some people in the U.S. that might not trust him, and look at him as a threat to America as well. I think if what I mentioned is true, then that could be the reason as to why Superman and Batman might fight each other in the film. Maybe, Superman's presence is so huge, that it brings danger to not only Gotham where Batman lives, but the entire world, and that could be what causes Batman to look at Superman as a threat. I also think this can cause Batman to be angry at Superman, because he might feel that Superman's presence alone challenges all the work he's done in Gotham, and it might be unfair that there's a man who can possibly stop all the crime in Gotham in a short time. I think Batman might think that Superman's presence alone is a threat to humanity.

That's the end of my article:

I know my comments are long, but I just wanted to give my theory about what I think might happened in the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film. Comment down below your thoughts on what you think might happen in the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film, and let me know if you enjoyed my article. Again, sorry if my article is too long, and sorry for not posting enough articles as well. I've just been busy with school lately, and hopefully when school is finished, I'll be able to post more articles in the future. I hope everyone liked my article, and I hope you all have a great day!


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