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Speculation is that John Stewart will replace Hal Jordan as the new Green Lantern for DC's cinematic universe. After Ryan Reynolds performance as Hal Jordan, DC has decided to try another route in the Green Lantern Corp. John Stewart is mostly recognized as the Green Lantern in Justice League's animated series. Now he'll get his own spotlight as the Green Lantern on the big screen with Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa, & Ray Fisher in the JLA.

John Steward is The Green Lantern
John Steward is The Green Lantern

Who Is John Stewart?

John Stewart, who was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams is an architect; along with being a veteran U.S Marine. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and picked by the Guardians as a backup Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. This replacement Green Lantern became a major character in many of the Green Lantern story-lines. When Hal Jordan wasn't available, Stewart always filled in; especially in missions involving the Justice League.

In the 1980s when Hal Jordan gave up being the Green Lantern John Stewart was picked by the Guardians for full-time-duty instead of just being a backup. For a few years John Stewart filled in the shoes of Green Lantern until Hal later returned to reclaim his spot.

One reason Stewart became a popular character in comics was because he was said to be DC's first African American superhero. Writer and inker Neal Adams had this to say about the subject:

"we ought to have a black Green Lantern, not because we’re liberals, but because it just makes sense."

Who will be the actor?

Now that John Stewart is highly speculated to be the Green Lantern, what actor can portray him on the big screen? Here are three actors that I feel can be great options for the role of John Stewart/Green Lantern.

3). Jesse Williams

My third choice to play John Stewart is Jesse Williams! Fans may know Jesse from ABC's "[Grey's Anatomy](series:200746) ". Jesse Williams is a talented actor and I believe that he physically has the look of John Stewart. Jesse's youth is one major pro for him to be a good fit as the Ex-Marine [Green Lantern](movie:593221) !

2). Jason George

Another talented actor from the T.V series "Grey's Anatomy"! Jason isn't a big popular actor, but may have the ability and looks to be the new cinematic Green Lantern. Jason is known for appearing in many other T.V shows than just Grey's Anatomy; such as the popular drama show "Mistresses". Jason isn't very young but has a great physique to portray John Stewart.

1). Idris Elba

My first choice for the cinematic Green Lantern is Idris Elba; comic fans may know him best as Heimdall from the Thor universe. There's been a lot of talk of Idris leaving the Marvel Universe for a while. Idris actually doesn't like playing Heimdall at all and wants to leave Marvel as soon as possible. Elba spoke about how he felt going from playing Nelson Mandela in Mandella : Long Walk To Freedom to returning as Heimdall:

"It was really weird...I’d just done eight months in South Africa. I came to England and the day I came back I had to do reshoots on Thor 2....And in the actual scene my hair was different, my…[exasperated sigh.]...“I was like, ‘This is torture, man. I don’t want to do this.’ My agent said: ‘You have to, it’s part of the deal.’ "

It seems Elba is sick and tired of playing a minor character such as Heimdall.

Does Idris wants to join the DC cinematic universe?

After tweeting this fan-made photo Elba seems to really want to join the DC cinematic universe and bring that photo to life. Elba loves the idea of becoming John Stewart. Instead of playing a small part in Marvel, Elba wants to go big or go home!

Will he be good as John Stewart?

After seeing Idris Elba in costume as Green Lantern in the fan-made photo, fans seem to be convinced that maybe he can become John Stewart on screen better than his work as Heimdall in "Thor". Elba is very talented actor and has the looks to be the next Green Lantern after Ryan Reynolds. All he needs is the power ring and battery then he's all set!

Personally, I'm excited of what John Stewart becoming the new cinematic Green Lantern could mean for DC Movies and the Green Lantern universe as a whole. Will we ever see Hal Jordan again after watching John Stewart as a member of the Justice League? Who knows, but if DC Movies handle the casting of John Stewart well, he may be The Green Lantern on the big screen for a long time coming.

Let me know what you think about John Stewart being Green Lantern, and any other actors who can fit the role!

Heres John Stewart saying the Green Lantern oath!



Who do you think will be John Stewart?


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