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For them who don't know who Bud Spencer and Terence Hill is heres a short bio ...

Bud spencer and Terence Hill are Italian Comedy Actors , Bud Spencer and Terence Hill both appeared in, produced and directed over 20 films together and thus became and still remain best friends to this present day.

They made a lot of movies and made a lot of people laugh, they are good friends and that's why they made all those movies together.

So lets see them now...

Bud Spencer

I must say that he hasn't changed much! The beard is still there! Heres a short bio of him.

Bud Spencer (85 years old) is an Italian actor, filmmaker and a former professional swimmer. He is known for past roles in action-comedy films together with his long-time film partner Terence Hill. Growing from a successful swimmer in his youth, he got a degree in law, and has registered several patents. Spencer also became a certified commercial airline and helicopter pilot, and supports and funds many children's charities, including the Spencer Scholarship Fund.
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Terence Hill

Terence the comedy genius still looks good , even though he is now 76 years old!

Terence Hill is an Italian actor. Hill is perhaps best known for starring in multiple action and western films (spaghetti westerns) and other hit films together with his longtime film partner and friend Bud Spencer.
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And the best thing is that they are both still good friends. In a recent interview Bud Spencer commented : Terence is like a brother to me, and like brothers we don't always agree, and he can be a pain in the neck sometimes." [laughs] "... our relationship I suppose is reflected in our movies, but he can always count on me as I can on him. We always enjoyed working together, probably why we made so many films together.


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