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After hitting the record of $1billion worldwide the incredible FF7, we can say : " It was a SUCCESS". I can say that i'm so proud of the cast and i couldn't hope for more . This huge success is all because of you guys because you did more than an advertisment could. You didn't just go and watch it , you loved it and you told about it to everyone you knew and this is how history is made .


Do you think this film deserved 1 billion?

The Fast and Furious 7 cast also had to deal with the death not only of an important carachter but a member of the family. They had been together since 2000 and one year and a half ago this beautiful and crazy family needed to split up in two diffrent ways .. Even this tragical thing happend Vin , Michelle , Tyrese , Jordana ,Ludacris and the crew handled it pretty well and did a grat job.

It is hard losing someone you love and in the memory of our late Paul(Walker) Vin Diesel just named her daughter Pauline.

There were ups and downs but everything went pretty good with a billion worldwide . This wasn't just for how good the film was but the money alsi represents the world's tribute to Paul Walker.

In the end ... No one can deny that this movie had it all : cars falling down right from the sky, bullets , girls , another member of the shaw family and .... The perfect ending even though it had us on tears ( i'm still crying )


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