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Francis Hickey

As we all know the new Deadpool movie is coming out in 2016. My article is about the characters that should possible be featured in this movie. In my opinion I think the best superhero they should put in the film is Cable.

Cable (Nathan Summers) is the perfect choice to put in the Deadpool movie if they are considering putting another superhero in it. Cable's powers are he has telepathic and telekinetic abilities, he also possesses superhuman strength. Cable and [Deadpool](movie:38663) also have a very good relationship with eachother. I think he would make a good addition to the movie and would in no way out shine Deadpool.

In the storyline "House of M" Cable is devolved into an infant and Deadpool rescues the baby Cable from mister sinister, Cable soon returns to his true age. Another example of their friendship is Deadpool and the Fixer removed part of Cable's brain and replaced the techno-organic matter, saving his life, but reducing his powers. Although the Deadpool videogame isn't that great Cable makes a few appearances and they make jokes together.

When making a film one of the things you have to do is pick someone to play a character, I think I have the perfect actor to play Cable in the movie and this actor is Stephen Lang who was in other movies like avatar and Officer Down. I say this because his character in avatar is a lot similar to Cable. He has the look of Cable and has roughly the same physical features.


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