ByHolli Milham, writer at

I'm personally more concerned with the judgemental narrow minded people here commenting. While these aren't ideal weights have u ever stopped to think that their are young girls who look like this and not because of poor eating habits etc. Maybe, like my daughter, the suffer (yes SUFFER) from Juvenile Diabetes. Ppl. Like you who are so quick to judge "overweight" and "obese" aren't considering the implications of your actions and what u are passing onto young minds that are so easily molded. People like u, with ur words of wisdom fail to see the medical aspect of the struggle if such disease and how your accusations make kids like my daughter NOT want to go to school Bc of bullying. While obesity is real and at an unfathomable rate in the U.S. sometimes there is an underlying cause. Diabetes. Hypothyroidism. Look them up. As a nurse it saddens me to see how uneducated ppl are regarding life.long struggles others endure and as a mother is saddens me to see how quick u are to judge. Perspective: Would you say the same thing to the ppl. promoting a Bald Barbie to help promote children w cancer? No, you wouldnt. Like cancer.. diabetes can be debilitating, life long and sometimes life threatening. Please educate yourself just a bit more at what you are promoting.


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