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Yes I know, I'm that guy living in the past. I will admit I still chew Big League Gum, I still watch old episodes of He-man and G.I.Joe. And yes I still wear Brut cologne. I'm a child born from the late 70's and like you I grew up idolizing TV and Movies of the 80's. When thinking about whats next in line for one of my favorite franchises which now belongs in the hands of Disney, I sleep better at night knowing they will do the right thing. Yes I understand that Harrison Ford is old. Yes I understand a young Chris Pratt is in the corner lurking. But to not have one more Indiana Jones movie without Ford would be a mistake.

I'm totally for having Pratt as the new face of Indiana. In fact I'm as giddy as a school boy thinking about Pratt pulling off one liners and swinging in to save the day because he can pull it off. I'm very much interested in keeping the franchise alive like James Bond. And after seeing Pratts face pasted on Indy's body on the internet, I'm more sure now then ever he's the guy we all want to continue the franchise. But we need Ford to go out riding into the sunset.

After Crystal Skull which I just got done watching again today, it was very clear to see the story was the main problem and not Fords acting. Many things are wrong with Crystal Skull. For me it lacked a cast that could pull off they knew Indy for a good portion of his life. Lets be honest besides Ravenwood, we knew no one and the people they wanted us to believe knew Jones for years had little or no real contection. I know most of the original cast is either dead or grumpy old Scottish actors that are retired (Sean Connery) but where was Sallah? Hell, where was Short Round? Maybe Rene Belloq had a kid and wanted revenge for his fathers death. And can we keep the historical relics religious? Aliens did nothing for this film. Punching and fights are great but Indy firing his six shooter on a horse is more desirable. And dont get me started on the lack of using the whip and witty one liners. I mean in the first 20 minutes of Crystal Skull I even thought the movie had a chance. And instead of the Russians taking the alien body they noticed the open wooden crate of the Ark of the Covenant and then proceeded to try and unlock the powers of the Ark. Man what a movie they could of made from just that. So what needs to be done is simple.

I have no doubts Disney has a fresh new story. Maybe the Lost City of Atlantis or reloading the Ark again. Maybe the staff of Moses or using "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine", which was also a great video game based on the franchise. God the possibility are endless now that Lucas is out of the picture. Ford should be the main cast for Indy and to get Pratts face on the franchise towards the end of 5 is very simple.

At the ending of Indy 5 as a much older Jones is standing in front of a fire place Marion opens the door to his study and tells Indy the grand children are here. He turns around and walks in a little boy and girl. Grandpa Indy can you tell us another story, asks the little boy. What would you like to hear Henry? Indy asks. Oh I don't know Grandpa says the little girl, but I dont want to hear the Ark story again. That one is boring she claims. Yeah Grandpa dont you have any other stories about you and Dad? How about you and great Grandpa? Ford now sits in a rocking chair pondering his many adventures. Oh I got a few new ones I've never told the two of you before. As Indy bows his head in thought he grabs his hat next to his chair, at which time the radiers march begins. With his head down in thought he slowly places the hat on his head. This story is one in which I was much younger then the stories I've told you before. And just like in Crusades as River Phoenix gets the hat for the first time from the grave robber, Ford puts the hat on and looks up and its Pratt. Pratt gives that half Indy smile and end of scene. You know that would bring chills and what a great ending to Fords career as Jones and a awesome start to Pratt leaving the door wide open for the next film. And if you want Ford to continue in small bits as Indy he could always start each new film recalling his past after getting into some sort of mess in the beginning that would leave him telling a story and using Pratt as the story teller. Thats what I would like to see. Disney are you listening?


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