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Here's the new trailer in case you missed it:

Okay, okay...Just please hear me out. If you're not one of the people absolutely looking forward to this movie, then you should stick around and hear me out because I have compelling reasons why this reboot will be a success. That's right; success.

Let's begin...

1. It's based off of the Ultimate Fantastic Four

For those of you not familiar with the Ultimate Fantastic Four, it was basically a reboot of the franchise since the original Fantastic Four weren't doing so well in the comics, and it proved to be a success.

Basically in the Ultimates, the Fantastic Four are younger, modern, and they receive their abilities by teleporting to the Negative Zone. This is ideal for the reboot because it provides the audiences to witness new settings, battlegrounds, and homes for possible new villains to arise.

In addition, in the Ultimates, Reed Richards is displayed not as the leader, even though he retains his intellect. It's his wife/partner Sue Storm that becomes the leader/instigator of the group. This opens up a whole new look at Sue Storm's character (explained below).

2. Credible Actors

If you are not already satisfied with the cast, here are a list of movies/shows in which the actors

Miles Teller:

  • Whiplash (Really good movie and excellent performance...Highlights his ambitious and emotional side).
  • The Spectacular Now (Another excellent performance).
  • Footloose (Such versatility and fun to the character).

Kate Mara:

  • Shooter (Versatility)
  • House of Cards (Ambition and seriousness...perfect as Sue Storm).

Michael B. Jordan:

  • Chronicle (Him and Josh Trank already have a chemistry).
  • Fruitvale Station (Displays his serious and caring side...Really emotional).
  • That Awkward Moment (Embodies the fun side of Johnny Storm).

Jamie Bell:

  • Jumper (He gets the jist of what superhero movies are like).
  • Man on a Ledge (Portrays how what a loyal and compassionate friend he is).
  • Snowpiercer (Has a sense of conviction to do the right thing).

3. 'Not-so-slutty Invisible Woman'

Look, I don't mind seeing a couple shots of Invisible Woman being clearly visible. Nevertheless, it's off-putting to see yet another female character earn more screen time on meaningless sexual appeals rather than have her be defined and well grounded.

The previous Fantastic Four installment was full of such scenes, and it did not provide Sue Storm anything more to explore into.

However, we know that since this is based off of the Ultimates, as mentioned above, Sue Storm will be depicted as a driven and intellectual leader of the group. This will give audiences something they have not seen before and will place Invisible Woman on her rightful throne as an a**-kicking female heroines.

4. Better Graphics/CGI

I don't even need to explain this...The old 'Thing' and Dr. Doom were trash (sorry to all fanboys/girls).

Plus, the new setting such as Negative Zone provides us the audience with a rusty and alien battleground to look forward to.

5. Realistic Approach (Costumes, Characters, and Story)

Concept Art for the costumes
Concept Art for the costumes

The revealing of the concept art for the costumes was a bit of a shock and turn-off for most audiences who expected a sleek, modern, and stylish blue costume. In fact, I was also disappointed, I didn't get the behind the idea at all.

But I was open-minded and I started understanding the reasoning behind it. Writer/producer Simon Kinberg stated that Josh Trank's Fantastic Four will be "realistic".

"This will definitely be a more realistic, a more gritty, grounded telling of the 'Fantastic Four' and no matter what people think about the cast."

Doesn't it make sense that after acquiring these strange powers you would design attires that would adapt to your abilities? I'm not saying the original blue costumes are stupid, or that they won't happen because they certainly will, but it just makes more sense they don't appear flashy right after they received such powers.

Furthermore, Kinberg stated the reboot will be "more gritty" which delights me even more. The fact that there will be a more grounded perspective on the Fantastic Four, rather than the whole 'use our powers to save the day' only cliche. We are bound to say more complex conflicts that gives depth to the movie.

6. New and better Villains


If you do not know already, Mole Man has been cast for the movie which adds more stories to explore, and many possibilities since he eventually runs his own world (probably in the Negative Zone). In addition we will have an improved Dr. Doom (physically speaking), however I don't know about the actor's abilities.

With this reboot also, we will have a chance to lay the groundwork for bigger and badder villains such as GALACTUS, Annihilus, and Super-Skrull.

7. Untitled surprise Fox film

This might be kind of a stretch, but there is a film Fox is planning to be released on July 13, 2018. A year before that is a Wolverine and Fantastic Four sequel, and another year before that is X-Men Apocalypse, so it would make sense to have a Fantastic Four 3 that ties with the X-men.

The very idea that such thing can happen validates how the reboot will earn appraisal such with the likes of X-men First Class and Days of the Future Past.



I know it's too early for anyone, especially me to judge, but there is absolutely no legitimate reason why this reboot will end up failing, in my opinion.


Do you think the Fantastic Four reboot will be the start of something big?


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