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Austin Barrett

First off this isn't an actually thing, this is just my opinion on who i think would win in a fight between Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. I read a similar article about this certain topic and i honestly think who made the article had no idea what they were talking about. So that being said this fight has nothing to do with when their separate movies came out or who's mentally ready for the fight. It all comes down to who would win. If your ready this article that most likely means you've seen Halloween and Friday the 13th. If so we all know Michael and Jason are both immortal. Or are they? Michael is only immortal when he's wearing the mask. In the Rob Zombie Version of Halloween Michael was shot in the head and just hours after was walking. This takes me to the Rob Zombie version of Halloween 2. He took of his mask and killed Dr. Loomis, then was shot by a sniper and died (at least for now because there hasn't been a Halloween 3). I covered Halloween now for Friday the 13th, Jason has died in every single one of his movies (I think). He may keep coming back from all those injury's and such but he dies every time. Michael has died once (I think). I grew up more of a Ghostface fan, admitting not knowing much about these two icons, but i'd give the win to Michael. He has more of a drive to kill, he's more brutal, and has more stamina. Lets face over the years Jason has to be giving up on running and having that drive to kill. So that sums up what i think now what do you think?


Who do you think would win?


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