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I'm a 21-year-old chick and I spend the majority of my time watching TV series and reading books. This leads to a ton of feels and a ton of ships. Yeah, you know what I mean.

And a lot of my ships are totally out there. They're ships that most people wouldn't even think of. Of course, then there are my OTPs (one true pairs) and even some of those are considered questionable.

So here is a list of some of my favorite ships.
(This whole article contains spoilers)

Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin (Bellarke - The 100):

If you're in this fandom and you ship these two, you know that it is mainly made up of glares, arguments, those annoying looks, and of course: always having each other's backs. There isn't much romance to these two yet, but I will ship it until it sinks. Which it had better not do.

Norma Bates/Alex Romero (Normero - Bates Motel):

This is my most recent ship, but right now it's also my most intense. You know me, I'm crazy about the psychos. Sure, they're not exactly psychotic, but I was talking about the show as a whole. Anyway, that's unrelated.

Norma and Romero have this unspoken bond. The kind-of-corrupt-cop who will do anything for his town. The maybe-a-bit-unhinged-mother who would do anything for her son. And now, they do just about anything for each other, it seems, though I don't think they really realize they're doing it.

In conclusion, I adore these two together and I can't wait until Monday when I get to see them again.

Walter O'Brien/Paige Dineen (Waige - Scorpion):

At the beginning of the series, it was made pretty clear that Walter didn't process normal human emotions like the rest of us. But as time went on, it also became clear that he was slowly developing feelings for Paige, though he didn't realize it or want to admit it.

Now, here we are with the awful-looking finale gloomily awaiting us over the horizon (aka Monday) and I'm not sure we're ever going to get our Waige moment (aka the kiss) until maybe next season. And that simply will not do. Then again, if and when Walter makes it out of that car alive, maybe they'll both realize that it's high time they stop being so stubborn and then they'll just make out. That'd be pretty rad, right? I think so.

Barry Allen/Caitlin Snow (SnowBarry - The Flash):

They're just so cute together. Too cute. And though they haven't had a lot of romantic time together, there's definitely something there. Plus, I've heard rumors of a kiss. So...there's that. Which I'm excited about.

Oh. But what if it's like what happened with Cisco or something (like when he died, but then Barry when back in time and it didn't happen)? Not that I'm complaining that Cisco is alive. But...C'mon now.

Hanna Marin/Caleb Rivers (Haleb - Pretty Little Liars):

Loved Caleb since the beginning. And Hanna. They're both my favorites. And my favorites together is like...amazing. Everyone loves these two together. Right? Right?! Yeah, that's what I thought.

Dean Winchester/Castiel (Destiel - Supernatural):

It wouldn't be a ship list without Destiel. But I don't ship Dean and Castiel as a couple. I don't hate on those who do, it's just not something I ship.

Castiel and Dean are best friends, brothers. Just as Dean would do anything for Sam, he would do the same for Castiel. And Castiel would do anything for Dean. They've proven it time and again. So yes, I ship them.

Olivia Pope/Fitzgerald Grant III (Olitz - Scandal):

Yes, I love Mellie. But like most of the Scandal watchers, I totally ship Olivia and Fitz. Though they're not together, they do everything for each other. And it's destructive to their relationship. I mean, Fitz went to war for the woman, for God's sake. But that only pushed them further apart. *sigh*

Olivia Pope/Jake Ballard (Scandal):

In the beginning, or whenever Jake first appeared on the show, I wasn't a big fan. But as time progressed, I grew to love him. And then...well, you know what happened. I'd rather not speak of it...

Anyway, they clearly have no chance now, but that doesn't stop me from shipping it UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. But seriously.

Ragnar Lothbrok/Lagertha Lothbrok (Vikings):

The thing about this ship is that they were already together, and married. But then they weren't together and now Ragnar is with Aslaug, whom I hate. But even though I'm fairly certain Ragnar is going to die this Thursday, I still have some hope.

I'll ship it for life.

Jo Masterson/Danny Desai (Twisted):

Always hated Lacey. Except when she was with Whitney, oddly enough. But Danny and Jo were just perfection. He was always trying to protect her and she was trying to be able to protect him, but he wouldn't let her. It was just...

Why the hell did they have to cancel Twisted? Ruin my day.


Which ship is your OTP?


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