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Glad that I somehow remained oblivious to a much blurrier, pirated copy, the release of the trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; in all of its HD Glory, encompasses the theme of justice to both the narrative, and Man of Steel audiences.

With a tone reminiscent of Batman in the Long Halloween graphic novel series, the revival of Batman, justifies the over-saturation of violence and destruction that hindered the narrative depth of Man of Steel.

Much like his Daredevil ancestry - although referencing the adaptation featuring Charlie Cox - Ben Affleck once again, assumes the role of justice; righting the wrongs left in the path of so called Heroes.

As Daredevil battles the rise of evil in the path of the Avengers’ destruction, Superman is painted as a false God in this new trailer.

Realizing Superman’s assertive actions may result from a complex, and not a need to serve, the trailer’s neo-noir aesthetics give this movie, the feelings of duplicity and moral conflict, that bring my two favourite genres to a mind blowing head.

Enamored by the Batman of the Long Halloween novels, I may be optimistically projecting flawless characterization of the role onto Affleck; whose voice alone does not disappoint.

How a 2 minute trailer can give me such intense feelings of welcome, when superhero movies are often laced with criticism, has me wishing that Affleck will reprise his role within the Batman Universe, and that I will not be left disappointed.

The Superman series is hopefully going to be redeemed, or ended with this movie; and a new Batman universe, or perhaps the Justice League, will rise.

After the extremity of Superman: Man of Steel, the pursual of the character as a false God hopefully sees some of this extremity being reigned in; to be replaced by the power and depth embedded through the Noir stylistics of the film.

The shadows welcome those who are self-sacrificing
The shadows welcome those who are self-sacrificing

Knocked down from his pedestal,and hopefully reground within his human persona by Batman - who is both a hero and a sacrificial lamb with his vigilante status- this film welcomes a union of judge and jury; that will enforce the importance of morality, equality and the Justice league.

Like Daredevil, the dark side and, unjust actions of our Heroes; however intentional they may be, is alluring in the midst of other conventional Superhero films.


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