ByLaura Elizabeth Glynn, writer at
I have a weird personality just go with it :P

Well, as my first post I am going right against that grain and saying : I DO NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE. Yeah I know "It is a classic!" "The quotes!" "Glen Cocco!". Now before you grab your virtual pitch forks and threaten to murder me over an opinion of my own. At least hear me out?(:P) Now this film is a chick flick, it is my absolute least if not most loathed gene. The formula of this film has been regurgitated so many times into my brain I can not stand it. I dislike Tina Fey..and her comedy...and the people she chooses to work with (glaring at you Amy and your stupid commercials...) But, every time my friends want to watch it I just shut my trap and drive through the cringing "humor" of this film. And every time it hardly phases me. So here is my first post...I love you all.


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