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Welcome to the beginning of my first blog, and my desire to write. Why not write about some of my most favorite things? It would be a fun examination of the books I love, the movies I find enjoyable and the shows I tend to watch most. I happen to also love table top role playing, so I may chat about that part of my life as well! But mostly I will chat about the movies I enjoy. I don't want to chat about movies I do not like, as I try to maintain a more positive out look. Too many things in this world are far to negative as it is to spend more time on making the world more negative and depressing. I likely will even practice varied writing techniques! Make things interesting and spice it up! Nice to meet you, I look forward to posting more as time goes on!

Just the other day I finished watching the new, and highly anticipated, Netflix series, Daredevil. I was impressed with the directors desire to keep the look and feel of the Frank Miller comic about our hero, Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox), the Daredevil! I had a feeling that the show was going to be good. I was right, it was very well done. The writing was both realistic for todays times, using cell phones, cameras on street lights or ATM's that can be on any and every street corner, these come into play in our lives now, why would they not be in the show? And they were. The writers also kept in mind the feel and sense of the original comics writer's. The shows writers took both worlds and made a dark, psychological thrill ride for the viewer (Writers: Bill Everett, Drew Goddard, Stan Lee, Steven S. DeKnight, Douglas Petrie, Gene Colan, Luke Kalteux, Roger McKenzie, Joe Pokaski, Marco Ramirez, Johnny Romita, Ruth Fletcher, Christos N. Gage, Frank Miller, & Roy Thomas).

The show felt a little slow initially, but once I was into show three, I was sucked in. Gritty, dark, bloody, and yet it still maintained heart. People that cared for one another, loved each other and even were willing to save one another came alive and leapt off the pages of a favored comic. I had to watch it all, I became enraptured by the integral web of story weaving. What I found interesting for myself is that I found was enthusiastically impressed by the lighting, and the cinematography. Funny to say that no?

Without the eyes of the director's (Phil Abraham, Farren Blackburn, Steven S. DeKnight, Guy Ferland, Ken Girotti, Nick Gomez, Adam Kane, Euros Lyn, Nelson McCormick, Stephen Surjik, & Brad Turner) those holding the camera's or the cinematographer (Matthew J. Lloyd), this show would not have the feel, depth and integrity it does. It held the look of the comic's, yet proved that it could stand up to a feature film and draw me in. How the light would play off Matt Murdock's (Cox) face, or even Wilson Fisk's (played by Vincent D'Onofrio), really helps describe the drama of a scene. Those colors on the walls, the up-lights in green, yellow or stark white done by the set director Alison Froling set a tone for the action and where our eyes was drawn, sometimes even letting us subconsciously know how the outcome of these character's actions were going to play out.

I can not express enough how well done this series is. I can but thank Stan Lee, Frank Miller, and John Romita (and all the other writers that wrote the comic at Marvel) for caring for the characters in the Daredevil comic as much as they did, and for allowing us into their part of the world.

Thanks for giving this a read through, and see ya soon... ~Garou.

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