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The lucky nine ladies of DC and Marvel that Texas based digital artist Whitney Jiar chose to illustrate are truly the best in beauty and super talent. Of course, the portraits concentrate on their heroine's essential femininity. That just makes their other attributes a sneaky kind of alter-ego, revealing the power within.

Jiar's pastiche style keeps everything recognizable while allowing for some artistic creativity. She even manages to find the perfect summation quote.

You can see more of Whitney Jiar's work at her Behance page.

The Ladies of DC

”A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written.

Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes, the open book awaits.

Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original. And above all else, be young.

For youth is your greatest weapon, your greatest tool. Use it wisely.”

- Wonder Woman

"I'm Kara Zor-El of Krypton, Queen. I'm a Superhero. I don't scare easily."

- Supergirl

"I'm strong enough and smart enough for anything you throw at me."

- Batgirl

"Mother Nature just got herself some muscle!"

- Poison Ivy

"They may suspect me, but they'll never see me. They may chase me, but they'll never catch me. Never, never, ever catch me."

- Catwoman

"I'd just to like to say, if there were no Batman, there'd be no Joker and I never woulda met my Puddin!! Thankyou, Batman!"

-Harley Quinn

The Ladies of Marvel

"But the fire of the Phoenix burns through lies, you understand? The gaze of the Pheonix is like an x-ray tearing through every self-deception."

- Jean Grey

"I survived because I willed it to be. How did I survive apocalyptic fire? I simply refused to feel the flames."

- Emma Frost

"I am the gathering tempest. I am the howling wind, the roar of rain, the voice of thunder."

- Storm

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