Lego is franchise shared all over the world. It makes there sets out of every thing, like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and City Construction. But finally, Age of Ultron gets their own sets!

Now you are probably thinking "Yes!" or "Woah!" Although, the sets do have some flaws. One lego set, the one shown above, shows the characters Iron Man, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Scarlet Witch, and Ultron. If you ever saw the trailer, this is the part where Hulk battles the Hulkbuster. Ever wondered how it started? (The answer is in the spoiler)

Apparently, this set is supposed to show Scarlet Witch mind controlling the Hulkbuster so it attacks Hulk. That is another of Stark's creation thrown against him. But, Scarlet Witch also controls Black Widow's mind, looking at the trailers.

The good news is, after Marvel finally released that they were making a new movie, Lego actually improved the characters. Hulk is now a lighter green, Iron Man has more detail on his suit, etc. Also, 3 new characters came out, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and Quicksilver. Since it is rumoured that Vision will appear in Age OF Ultron, actually let me say that again. Since he IS going to be in Age Of Ultron, I would love to see a Vision mini figure.

Back to when I said that the mini figures have improved, let's see some before and after pictures.



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