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Joe Brunett

As you are all aware, the BvS teaser trailer was released early after a leak came out. I didn't want to watch the leak and spoil it but I just couldn't resist.

I just want to start out by saying wow, I am thoroughly impressed. Zach Snyder nailed it and successfully incorporated enough suspense to want more.

The thing about this trailer is that it's almost like three different stories. You have Batman, Superman, and then the two together.

The statue of Superman has 'False God' written on his chest. As this slow montage of clips is shown, we hear many people talking about Superman, and how he's evil. Towards the end of this part we hear Jesse Eisenberg's, Lex Luther give a couple lines. This made me so happy. For one, I find Eisenberg an accomplished actor and I am very excited to see his portrayal of Superman's main nemesis. Snyder gives the film a dark perspective of the alien, comparing him to God. You have people praising him and kneeling down for him. Then you also have people chanting 'Go Home'. This works because aside from Man of Steel, we haven't really seen Superman represented in a dark environment such as Chris Nolan's Batman Trilogy. I feel that Zach Snyder is the right man for the job, and as we can tell just by the trailer, the film has a dark presence emotionally, and physically.

Bring in the caped crusader. The Batman segment of the trailer begins with Jeremy Irons presenting a line. We then get an almost head on shot of Ben Affleck as the billionaire Bruce Wayne. This isn't what I thought Wayne was going to look like, but I'm happy. He's supposed to be an older version, with 20 years experience as Batman. The rugged, aging look works as Affleck intensively stares at his alter ego. The thing that I enjoy most about this version of Batman is the fact that he looks pissed off in every shot he's in. I hope he retains this personality throughout the film in that an angry Batman/Bruce Wayne is a lot more threatening than a comedic playboy. This gives the feeling of the film much suspense.

A lot of people are negatively judgmental towards the amount of muscle Batman obtains. In my opinion, this works very well. I think it works based on the fact that he's been doing this for 20 years.

Now lets get to the part that everyone was waiting for in the trailer, the Bat-voice. Personally, I think it works perfectly. There's more of an electronic, distortion with Affleck's voice. The main reason this works is the fact that it's hard to tell that it's Ben Affleck talking, bringing a good hidden identity to Bruce Wayne. The only reason it may sound like Affleck is because of the fact that we already know he's the one talking. If we had never heard his voice before, there would be clear distinction between Wayne and Batman's voice.

Zach Snyder to me, is a phenomenal director. I enjoy almost all of his movies, with a couple exceptions. But the feel and tone to all of his films are so dark and gritty it makes them more emotional. He has great casting ability. He can give any character a massive emotional change. I am very excited to see more.


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