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Jonathan J Moya

There is something fascinating about watching favorite Disney characters grow up. Watching Peter Pan not wanting to, Simba growing learning to be a King, Cinderella easing into her slippers, Bambi becoming a stag, the sadness of The Fox and The Hound slowly learning their natural rivalries,watching 101 puppies become loving dogs or Ariel yearning to be human, are all cinematic rites of passage. They teach us. Instruct us. And in the process, show us how to grow up.

The same can be said for Disney love. Whether it be finding the Prince that is your right fit in Cinderella, the Magic Carpet Ride that is Aladdin and Jasmine's romance, the beauty of opposite attraction in Beauty and the Beast, two lovers forming a "Tangled" silhouette or even Elsa learning to love her Frozen self, it all shows the magic, the beauty, the pitfalls, the joys and the ultimate rewards for becoming an adult and finding your lost other half that totally completes you.

These 16 animated posters from Citron Vert capture all of the above feelings perfectly. The start of good art is to capture the simple, obvious wonderful beauty of all that is life-- from potential, to realization, to end. Art makes everything mysterious obviously clear.

Citron Vert is the nom de art for a 25-year-old French female with the first name of Eloise.

To see more of Citron Vert's work go to her DeviantArt page.

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