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The film Divergent came out on the 3rd of March 2014. For me as a fan of the book I was excited for this and what the book would look like as a film. I thought we were gonna get a good divergent film but instead we got just another teen love movie that did not even show the chemistry Four and Tris had in the book. This just seems like another attempt at getting the teen film watchers interested in the story instead of staying true to the book.


The first topic i want to talk about is characters the main one's being Four and Tris. I'll talk about how wrong they got Four's character first. Four in the book is described to be troubled, intimating, serious and just in general takes no shit but it seems like they couldn't find an actor with this description so what do they do ? put in Theo James as eye candy for teenage girls. Theo James is in no way intimating and it seems like they didn't even want him to be either. I say this because he smirks everytime he talks to Tris , in the book it says he keeps a straight serious face whenever he talks showing as little emotion as possible.

Now I'll talk about how wrong they got Tris in this movie. First of all Tris was described in the book as being very plain and would not stand out in a crowd type of girl. Instead they did the same as they did for Four and made an elaborate plan as how to get teenage boys excited for the film by casting Shailene Woodley as Tris. This choice of actress is fair from plain. One of the reasons why Four's and Tris's love was surpising was that he was hot but also scary and she was plain which is not normally a mix that you see in couples that are in films. They also don't show that much of her when she was timid and quiet instead it just showed her doing all the dangerous stuff that makes her into her confident and brave self and bearly anything of how she was before that. This is important because the transformation she goes through from being known as " the stiff" to becoming one of the dauntless is a big part of the story and I think they really messed it up by nothing showing enough of her early life.

So Tris and Four have a love story in the book, it tells us why they liked eachother and there was a lot of chemistry between them which when they did kiss you knew why. In the book they show them having nearly non existent chemistry between these two character. Their relationship in the film seemed like it was strictly a student and teacher relationship. It was a bit stupid to leave out the bits that showed the chemistry between them and just randomly putting in a kissing scene.

I'll just talk a little on a few of the other characters. One of Tris's friends Al was a big muscular guy in the book who was not into all fighting people and had very little bravier and this was sort of a comical character to have because he was big and muscular but didn't use it for fighting just made him a funny character. He also lets Tris take his place to get knifes thrown at her and doesn't object to her volunteering for him. The actor they picked for him was not really muscular he was tall and that was about it. He was nothing like described in the book so they got that so wrong. I only focused on Al because although they could be different actors there is nothing majorly wrong with any of Tris's other friends.

The dauntless leader i thought would be more dark and have more piercings but in the film he's just a buff meathead.

All I can say about peter is that he wasn't as evil as the book makes him out to be, in the film he just seems like a jealous teenage boy and nothing else.


Abnegation is fine it could be seen in many different ways but they would all be similar.

Erudite is also okay it looks like a place to learn so it's fine in my opinion.

Amity does not make much of a appearance expect for a clip at the start so the only thing I can say about it is that they are not wearing the yellow and red they are meant to be wearing and instead look like the stereotypical hippy.

Candor was barely shown in the movie so I have no opinion.

Dauntless was the main fraction shown in this film and was the one that was least like the books description, the main reason being it was to bright and that's the total opposite of what dauntless was in the book. There was way to much lighting in the headquarther's that it didn't get the same feeling as the book and what it was like to live there.


A few of the scenes in the film did not play out as they did in the book. I'm not going to go into detail but the fans of the book will know what I mean when i give the list of scenes that were not the the book.

The capture the flag scene.

The scene where Peter, Al and Drew try to throw Tris in the chasm.

Both death scenes of her parents.

The first time she jumped on the train scene.

Other scenes were slightly changed but those are the main one's.

All these scenes were changed in the movie making it harder than it already was for a fan of the book to watch without being disappointed by it. If I was to rate this movie I'd give about a 5 out of 10 because of it's bad casting it's lack of dedication to stick to the book and making it into another teen love movie. It also has an overall poor judgement of how the scenes should have looked.


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