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Avengers Assemble has for the most part made itself it's own product distancing itself from the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, changing things as minor as adding Falcon in his red suit to the core Avengers team, making Tony the leader and all but completely ignoring Bruce Banner for the sake of Hulk. However, I assume for the sake of great advertising, it has included a current storyline with Ultron to coincide with the upcoming Age of Ultron film. This article will have some spoilers in it for Avengers Assemble and Agents of Shield so please be advised.

A lot of people dislike Avenger Assembled, especially since it seems to have replaced the Earth's Mightiest Heroes show. Personally I like the less cartoony art style although I do occasionally wish the storylines were as interesting and inventive as EMH. I'd like to say the current storyline is close to that of EMH but that'd be a lie. Especially considering I don't really understand the sudden and quick change of Tony from a guy trying to learn how to be a leader through trial and error to a guy just going right back to the way he was and not even questioning that he might be at all wrong in this situation. I'd like to think that maybe the battle with Thanos has changed all of them somehow but still doesn't really say much about it. Even the whole Ultron situation seemed to have came from out of nowhere. Not even a slight hint at what may be coming soon through out the series.

It does give us an interesting preview of what we might be facing in the upcoming movie universe. This particular episode we see that Steve and Tony formerly best friends have now become at odds with each other over differences in ideologies. This is obviously no surprise though, eventually they were going to fully realize their differences in opinions makes it near impossible for them to work together, just like they did in:

A bunch of different comic book arcs!!!

just kidding. It happened most memorably in:

[Marvel: Civil War](tag:2346746)!

Civil War will make some huge changes!
Civil War will make some huge changes!

Joking aside though their differences in opinion has posed a problem quite a few times, the only one I can remember off the top of my head is when Captain America gets memory wiped by [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) (I just noticed how weird his name sounds, or strange if you will).

With the upcoming Age of Ultron movie and the further away Captain America: Civil War we may have just seen how things will play out should the likely event happens that sides will be chosen and the Avengers break up. They even included Spider-man in the story despite the fact that no side was chosen by him. Lets take a look at how sides were picked in Avengers Disassembled shall we.

So here we see that the teams are:

  • Iron's team: Hawkeye and Thor
  • Captain America's team: Hulk, Falcon, Black Widow and by default Shield.

Now I fully acknowledge the fact that the reasoning behind this, the motivations and the character types are very different than they are in the MCU; but I still think that there is a possibility that some of these may be similar to how they play out in the films. To figure out how likely this is, we have to take a look at the Avengers characters.

Shield: Iron Man's team

In order for the rest of this theory to move forward, there are a few things that must be assumed. 1. The future of Shield will still be against unregulated powers but instead of locking them away or killing them they want to control them. 2. That the storyline will be following the registration storyline. 3. That Iron Man will be in support of registration. We've already seen that they have a gifted list which has people with powers on it, we can already assume that Shield has always been in agreement with registering powers. The difference here is that this would take into account the training Coulson seems to want to have for them to make them usable as possible Avengers in the future. This is all conjecture of course but I think what we're looking at is a Shield that wants to use supers and train them to one day be able to replace any Avengers lost in action and Iron Man would be fully behind that if he sees the error in his ways of acting without restraint after Ultron. Using Ultimate Spider-man tas as a reference we can possibly see what a Shield trained powers team would look like.

Black Widow: Captain America's team

[Black Widow](movie:1070824) is the queen of secrets. She was introduced in Iron Man 2 but from the very start of when her true allegiances are revealed they seemed to butt heads. Captain America however, despite not liking her methods gets along with her well. They worked together and they've been in the trenches together. I believe her allegiances are to Nick Fury more than they are to Shield so if Captain America was to go against Shield she would more than likely join him.

Hawkeye: Iron Man's team

Hawkeye is an extremely hard one to pin down. We don't know a lot about movie Hawkeye yet. Going from the little we do know however, he seems to be a soldier who follows orders. He is about getting the job done and after being taken and controlled by Loki he can already tell just how dangerous these situations can be without trained people. From the trailer he seems to help the young twins and get them on the right fighting side so I can imagine he'd be ok with training a younger generation of heroes.

Falcon: Captain America's team

Falcon can only side with Captain America!
Falcon can only side with Captain America!

"I do what he does, just slower" At this point Falcon doesn't even know Iron Man, is there really any reason to believe he's going to join Iron Man. Then again if it's true he is going to make an appearance in AOU we can't fully know what happens. Still though, he has a distrust of the government, he wouldn't be for a government agency being in control of heroes.

Thor: Sweden

Thor ain't bout dat life!! I fully think Thor won't be showing up in this movie, mainly because it's none of his concern, this is a human matter and they're tiny and petty. Especially since Heimdall and Loki are supposed to be in AOU, he could very well leave. Also I think in the clip Cap said something about Thor being gone but it's been a while I have no clue.

Hulk: Captain America's team

damn he's hairy
damn he's hairy

No! Not the science bros!! They can't break up. Still though, Tony not only made Ultron possibly with Banner's help but also fights him with a Hulkbuster suit that although I really want to think Banner helped him make I kind of doubt it. Also, if you know the Hulk's story the government has been wanting to use him as a weapon for a very long time, I don't believe he'd just think "that's all in the past let's train a bunch of superpowered people to be the dogs of the government."

Unknown but Probable: Twins: Cap's Team

The twins are a hugely unknown at this point. It's speculated that they signed up for some kind of experiment and that was run by Baron Strucker. It can be assumed that they got more than they bargained for with this experiment. This would probably make them distrustful of organizations and cause them to switch to Cap's team. Once again conjecture we know next to nothing about these two, but seemingly they were more than fine with teaming with Ultron which Iron Man made so that might not help him either.


So this is just a possible opinion on what we may look forward to if the Marvel Cinematic Universe follows a similar path to the animated series. Still this is all based on the flawed logic that the movie will be following the Civil War comics storyline which the fact that Baron Zemo has been announced makes that a toss up. Could the two rivaling factions put their feud aside to face off against Baron Zemo? Is Baron Zemo the one instigating the feud in the first place? Is there even a feud to begin with? Who's going to die in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)? The world may never know. . . . until a little less than two weeks from now.

Enjoy the movie everyone! I know I will.


Which team would you be on?


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