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Joe Brunett

I would call myself a film buff, other's would call me a nerd. One of the best things about filmmaking is releasing a short preview before it comes out. This is where the teasers, and the trailers come in. Recently there have been many trailers coming out to films that I can't wait to see. The only problem is that when I see the film, many of the best parts of it were already shown in the trailer making is less enjoyable.

For instance, you'll have a highly anticipated comedy film coming out and the trailer will be released. You watch that trailer and it looks funny. You'll go to watch it and those parts won't be as funny since you've seen them before. It's the same with horror films.

But something I do love is the teaser trailer of a film. This is developed to "tease" the audience for an upcoming film, TV show etc. These are significantly shorter than trailers and can run anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute. In my opinion, that's all you need. There's no reason to show anymore of the film. Yes it could be visually pleasing and lure more people in, but you should already have secured an audience by the plot summary. If you're going to have a good film, you should be interested just by reading a couple lines of the premise. Then comes the visuals; that's why teasers are perfect. Their short enough that you still get visuals, yet there's not much information about the story given away. It's not just that either, it's that I enjoy the tease of the film. I don't know about you but after a teaser, yes I do want to see more but I like the suspense of waiting until the film is released.

Here are some examples of fantastic teasers:

Obviously there's more, but here are some that I think are very well done. All of these teaser trailers have elements of the film, they have visuals but nothing is given away. Just from these simple sneak peeks, I still want to see more and that can wait until the movie/TV show comes out. A trailer prior to the teaser is not needed.

What is your opinion on trailers?


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