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It's official fanboys and fangirls! Marvel now has serious competition. There had been some debate on if or when DC would ever catch [Marvel](channel:932254) with their cinematic universe. After the teaser trailer I'm a believer that DC will soon take the cinematic universe mantle from Marvel.

Official Batman v Superman Teaser

If the movie is as well put together as this teaser trailer we may get the greatest Comic Book movie of all time. In fact we may get one of the greatest movies of all time. Why do I feel so confident you ask? The Trinity!!! But not the Trinity of Batman, Superman and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) but instead the Trinity of Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and Chris Terrio. You could see their finger prints all over this trailer. And when you think about it Snyder being the greatest visual director of our generation, Terrio being an Oscar winning writer and Affleck being a Oscar level director and actor failure was never an option. Zack is clearly the Batman in this Trinity with Chris and Ben already having the super powers of the Oscar on their living room shelves. But Zack's Oscar surely may be on its way with the help of Chris and Ben. This trailer proved that it is possible. The perfect tease of what is to come. Which may be DC surpassing Marvel as king of the cinematic universe.

Marvel tell me.......

Oscar winning writer Chris Terrio
Oscar winning writer Chris Terrio

Do you bleed????

Oscar winning director and actor Ben Affleck
Oscar winning director and actor Ben Affleck

You will!!!!

Greatest visual director of his time Zack Snyder
Greatest visual director of his time Zack Snyder

One can only imagine if Marvel is fighting DC attaching this trailer to Age of Ultron. I expect the Avengers sequel to be just as fun as the first one. With that said I expect fans to immediately compare the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) trailer to the Age of Ultron movie. This may or may not be fair to Marvel or DC but certainly DC does not seem to be afraid. But what do you think? Will DC make Marvel bleed? Share you votes and thoughts below.


Do you think that the DCCU can catch the MCU with a successful great BvS movie?


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