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OK, Hopefully everyone who has wanted to see Daredevil has already seen it, so if you read this article and find Spoilers- You have only yourself to blame!

As the first Netflix series in a group of loosely associated shows about four different Marvel (Street Level) Heroes, Daredevil represents a departure from Marvel Studios (Shared) Cinematic Universe in that it is shown on a platform (Netflix) where the Studio can not only expand on a character's story much more than a 2 hour cinematic release could ever do, but they can be more violent, more R-Rated and more adult themed than a show on a regular TV Network.

Up to this point, Marvel Studios has kept their movies and the Heroes in those movies, relatively light-hearted and humorous. Now, they are beginning to explore the darker grittier Heroes like Daredevil, who have tragic stories and aren't as glamorous as let's say a Billionaire, Genius, Playboy, Philanthropist.

Daredevil's not fighting Aliens hell-bent on conquering the Earth. He's fighting Gangsters who engage in Human Sex Trafficking, Heroine Smuggling and kidnapping small Children. He's the Hero that everyday people living in the section of Manhattan known as Hell's Kitchen need. He doesn't live in an Ivory Tower with his name in big letters on the outside. He lives in a small sparsely furnished Brownstone in Hell's Kitchen.

He doesn't have an outfit designed by S.H.I.E.L.D, He runs around in an outfit he put together by ordering items off the Internet. He doesn't wear body armor or use fancy weapons. He beats the bad guys to a bloody pulp with his fists (or in some cases Escrima Sticks.) While he does get his more familiar Red Suit later on in the show, He spends most of his time as the mysterious man in the black mask, More like Zorro than the Daredevil we've known for years in the comics. This is the Origin of Daredevil- Daredevil: Year One if you will.

The outfit he wears is actually based on the Frank Miller/John Romita Jr run on Daredevil known as "The Man without Fear" series. There are also other subtle and not so subtle hints to other people from the Comics over the years.

"Turk" The guy Daredevil fights in the very first episode is a character that DD has dealt with many times over the years in the comics. Daredevil has broken his jaw, leaned on him for information and otherwise harassed him constantly in their long History.

Josie's Bar & Grill is another fixture of DD's Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil has brawled with the patrons of that establishment many times as well.

Ben Urich, a man who actually figures out Matt Murdock's secret in the comics is also a prominent figure in this series. (Notice nobody cared that Urich was played by a black actor?) that's because it's not really important to who he is/was. He was a Reporter first and foremost.

Elektra is mentioned as Matt's girlfriend in College in a flashback with Matt and Foggy. I'm sure she will show up in a season 2 (if there is one.)

There are even references to a future series for Iron Fist. Madame Gao, who runs the Chinese Heroin Syndicate for the Kingpin seems to be far more formidable than an old Chinese woman should be. It is implied that she is from K'un Lun (The mythical City where Danny Rand goes to train and become Iron Fist.)

There is the symbol of the Steel Serpent on the Heroin packets...

This implies that Madame Gao works for none other than "Steel Serpent," the Arch Enemy of Iron Fist!

The Japanese Syndicate- run by Nobu, seems to be the Ninja Clan known as "The Hand" from the comics. There may be future run-ins with the Hand in season 2 if they follow the Kirigi story-line.

Stick of course is Daredevil's old Mentor and the Leader of a Clan of White clad Ninjas known as "The Chaste." He is seen talking to "Stone" at the end of one episode. Stone is impervious to attacks (as long as he sees them coming.) Thus, the scars all over his back.

Then, there is Melvin Potter aka "The Gladiator," who while mentally challenged is quite skilled at Fabricating Weapons and Armor. He is the one who designs the suit jackets that Kingpin and Leland wear using a lightweight Kevlar-like material. Daredevil later approaches Potter to design a protective outfit for DD in exchange he will keep Betsy (Potters Girlfriend) safe from The Kingpin. It will be interesting to see if Potter (The Gladiator) will continue as an ally of Daredevil or will he become the Villain he was in earlier Comics.

As the series ends, "Daredevil" (as the newspapers now call him) gets credit for taking down the Kingpin and the people of NYC and especially Hell's Kitchen- now understand that the "Man in the Mask" was indeed a Hero all along.

So there you have it! I was thoroughly pleased with the 13 episodes of Daredevil and was kind of sad that there weren't more episodes to showcase his Red Outfit complete with the Billy Clubs and Cane (quarter-staff) But I guess we'll just have to wait for The Defenders mini-series or perhaps a season 2 of Daredevil right?


What did you think of Daredevil on Netflix?


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