ByBen Lateu, writer at

This movie was gripping right from the start, in the opening line Ben Affleck talks about cracking his wife's skull open, after hearing that straight away I was intrigued to know what would posses you to say such a thing; and then the movie unravels into this array of mystery and suspicion. The acting in this movie was great! I could not have picked two better actors to play the lead roles, Rosamund Pike especially manages to give the movie a dark grit which makes the movie what it is. Other elements as well just add to the overall appeal of the movie such as the creepy sound track which plays every so often which may make your heirs stand up. Also the cinematography in a few scenes is exceptional, 1 scene in particular which scared the hell out of me. So if your looking for a fantastic psychopathic thriller with some fantastic twists I could not recommend Gone Girl enough.


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