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So recently I re-watched the Disney-Marvel team up, [Big Hero 6](movie:425271), and noticed what seemed to be an Ant-Man reference, it was subtle and yet still a little obvious. You can find the Easter egg in the end-credit scene with the guy who comes up with the nicknames, Fred, and one of the original founders of Marvel, Stan Lee, talking in a "secret room". After seeing this reference I immediately dug up as much information I could, after countless hours of research in both comic books this is what I found...

Nothing! Useless, empty, brain..
Nothing! Useless, empty, brain..

After all that research I found absolutely no connections to either storyline, but I know [Marvel](channel:932254) all to well, I know for a fact that they would not put in this little easter egg into such a well known movie and it mean absolutely nothing. So if there are no known connections to these two then why would Marvel put in this Easter egg?

The Future
The Future

I believe this is Marvel's way of announcing a cross-over between Ant-Man and Bog Hero 6 team up and how legendary would that be. It would be Big Hero 6's first cross over and the possibility's would be endless, just thinking of the potential gives me the chills. There could be a a bug in Baymax that Ant-Man has to get out, or during a fight Ant-Man could land on Baymax's flying fist for a superhero combo; the possibilities are endless. But of course, as you probably suspected, I am talking about the comic's due to the fact the Big Hero 6 is animated and [Ant-Man](movie:9048) is not, but it's still fun to dream of seeing an animated flying fist Ant-kick combo.


So what do you think? Do you think there was something I missed, or do you think this is a road Marvel needs to explore?


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