ByBen Lateu, writer at

If I had to sum Whiplash up in two words it would be passion and determination, the film not only shows this through its plot but through the feeling it leaves you with. Whiplash is about a young drummer played by Miles Teller who is picked out by a conductor played by JK Simmons who tells him to play in the main band. Now tell is a big word here because JK Simmons plays the most abusive, intimidating conductor ever and Miles Teller reacts by playing harder and better. Like I said passion drives this film and Miles Teller will do what ever it takes to play, in one scene he is in a car crash, his head is bleeding and he can barley walk yet he goes to a concert and still attempts to play the drum kit. Also aside from the amazing performances and plot, the music in this film was sensational, the fast pace jazz fits in with the soul and feel of this movie, also the cinematography in this film was great, there were a few close up scenes which could not have been done any better. The only bad thing I could say about Whiplash is that it is not long enough, there should be more of it. All in all weather your a musician or not Whiplash is a great watch that conveys meaning and inspiration.


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