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So, in a slightly anticlimatic manner, we received the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer over the weekend. Now, some have declared that it is the epitome of "meh", while others have heralded it as the greatest thing since sliced pumpernickel. I, for one, certainly enjoyed it, and I think that Batfleck may be one of the best Dark Knights to grace our screens. I certainly love the Dark Knight Returns feel to both the story and the character. Something that was brought to my attention from a member of the RPF that Batman actually has a GUN in the movie, as shown in the trailer.

That's no radio antenna.
That's no radio antenna.

What even? What about Batman's "No gun" rule? What has Zach Snyder done? Heresy, you all cry.

However, this was brilliant, and brilliantly teased. Allow me to show you something.

Don't mess with Oldman, I mean Batman.
Don't mess with Oldman, I mean Batman.

So, in Frank Miller's story The Dark Knight Returns, Batman uses the gun to fire a grappling wire across several buildings. Because of his disability to agree with the city police, he ends up using it to blow a couple helicopters out of the sky, if memory serves. Batman also has used guns many, many times over the years. In the olden days, he was an expert marksman, and often used guns of his own, or his enemies, to take down the bad guys.

What does this mean for Dawn of Justice? Well, it keeps confirming the connection the film has to Dark Knight Returns, but, beyond that, it doesn't do much. I highly doubt that Batman will be sniping people off with a .50 cal rifle, though that batmobile and maybe a batwing seem pretty heavily armed. We may see a scene very similar to the comic books, even. Whatever happens, Batman is using a gun, and he's going to kick Superman's tail.

Watch the trailer here:


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