ByEthan Wilson, writer at

With the release of the much anticipated sequel to marvel's avengers assemble rolling nearer more and more footage and rumors are being released. since the first trailer was leaked we knew tons of facts like places they were going to, new characters they will meet and some old characters appearing once again.

But will avengers 2 be a bit longer than expected.

lets get into the facts. This film introduces 3 new characters that will be important in the MCU. so were going to need some character development as well as introducing all of ultron's forms. With some huge plot points like the hulkbuster fight and the giant piece of land hitting earth, we will still have so much to see like thor going back to asgard, seeing Peggy carter and falcon's next appearence.

For this movie to progress at its own pace and for this not to be too busy the film length might have to be a bit longer than we thought.

Avengers Age of Ultron comes to thatres May 1st


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