ByLaura Elizabeth Glynn, writer at
I have a weird personality just go with it :P

Holy mother of crap I can not get through this film. Stupidity can only be taken so far in writing but people still enjoy shooting it past the stars and up Uranus. If I want to see a porno, I will watch a stupid porno. You categorized the film as a SLASHER. HORROR. So nock it of with the tit's and show more slits buddy. Ten minutes into this film and I already hate it for giving me flashbacks of how retarded the rednecks were at my high school. And yet, even they had more sense then Captain pedo stash and his crew of inbreed. So after vandalizing a woman and pillaging an abandon home (in search for the writers common sense) they decided to go in search of this "magical vhs" in the dead of night. They find the home that hides this so called trove of plastic, film and wonder! Upon breaking into the house they find this dead guy sitting in a recliner in front of a bunch old televisions. All but the person holding the camera decide to leave the room for the constant search of the tape of importance .So tight lips decides to watch a couple of chick flicks an snuggle in front of the smelly dead guy. We now go to the film within the film to find Dane Coock-a duché with his friends to go out on the move for drunk bimbos through a Spy gear toy. Trying to get as far down the rabbit hole as they can. They finally pick up two chicks by the end of the night. After entering the hotel room I stopped paying attention.


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