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To celebrate the release of Marvels Avengers 2- Age of Ultron, i am counting down the greatest Marvel cinematic universe facts.

1. Uninterested

Chris Evans originally did not want to be cast as the iconic Marvel super soldier: Captain America, he declined the role 3 different times before eventually accepting the role and becoming the Captain America we know and love today.

2. Original Choices

Believe it or not the great Robert Downey Jr was not the original choice to play Tony Stark and his alter ego of Iron Man. They originally wanted none other than Mission Impossibles Tom Cruise.

3. The Sequel that never that was

At the end of the Incredible Hulk film we see the person that Bruce Banner has been in contact with- Mr Blue, get infected with Bruce's blood leading to a scene we see his head grow and possibly change into The Leader and effectively setting up for a sequel that never happened.

4. Language Issues

The Japanese title of Marvels Avengers Assemble is "Shiawasena Amerikanmassuru no senso" which roughly translates to Happy American Muscle War.

5. Reel to Real

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner actually got together in real life because both of the Daredevil film that they both in and were both iconic characters.

6. Rumors

Brian Blessed was rumored to be portraying as Thor's father Odin in the film Thor.

7. Comic differences revealed

In the Guardians of the Galaxy film, where Groot enters Ronan's ship with the rest of the team and creates light bulbs, Drax says "when did you learn to do that?" This is actually a reference to the comics where Groot never did this.

8. It hits the fan

Before the X-men film came out, fans were very upset that the 6 foot Australian: Hugh Jackman was portraying the just over 5 foot Canadian character from the comics.

9. Crazy Dreams

In the early 1990's Michael Jackson tried to buy the rights to the Marvel franchise so he could star in a self produced Spider man movie.

10. Unscripted

In the film industry a lot of iconic scenes are improvised by the actors, in the Marvel cinematic universe there are two recognizable improvised scenes, In the Avengers Assemble film Robert Downey Jr had hidden food over all over the set so where he offer Captain America a blueberry, he was just hungry, the other scene is in Thor-The Dark World where Thor hangs Mjolnir (his hammer) on the coat hook.


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