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My inspiration is Comics, Movies, TV, Sports, Music and Love. A graphic designer student since 2014, I hope you appreciate my artwork.

I am John Sideris and I am a young graphic designer student from Greece. I love Comics, Movies and Sports and I get inspiration from our pop culture for creating my art and designs.

Charlie Chaplin

Marilyn Monroe

Dirty Harry

I just finished the first part of my new epic project regarding the world of movies, films and cinema in general.


The Exorcist

The Pink Panther

From a minimalistic aspect, as I did in my previous project 'Superheroes and Supervillains,,' I designed the most iconic movie characters ever created.

Indiana Jones


Lethal Weapon

I must admit that it is a huge list and the project is not complete, but you can take a look at my behance project and give your comments on who should be in my list.



Men in Black

I hope you like them and get inspired to watch these films again and again.

Star Wars

The Lord of the Rings

You can look more of my work on my Behance Profile.

Thank you very much for your appreciation.


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